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Thanks PBS

and to the rest of the media for doing a thankless job. You should have settled for a blog. YMMV Peace

President Obama, Puhleeze

Do you realize what you are putting the nation through waiting on a speech?!! Turn on your TV. You’re doing this to us.

I Have To Admit

I’m going to miss the blogging and you guys, but alas, I have other things to do that make it impossible to do both well, and so I bid you adieu. See you in the clouds.

I Know

You kids hate it when I do that.

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Leave The Thinking To Us

Pretty much the same wall as Google is building,

To outraged users, it’s a stickup, but Facebook argues that traffic generated from Facebook pages only seems low because Facebook is just doing what it has always done: grooming every user’s feed in order to show them only content that it thinks each user will find interesting.

 Emphasis mine.

This isn’t too different than the model used by networks, cable outlets, or radio when I think about it. I suppose some people are more comfortable with the cathedral than they are in the bazaar, but I just find the whole thing counter-intuitive to the internet and webs. More calf paths, fewer bells.

Anger Flares In Storm Zone – No One Could’ve Predicted

I’m trying to think of something helpful to say, but we’ve had years of practice in evacuating cities, and storm logistics and all I can really tell everyone, who doesn’t really need to hear it, is just be cool.

Everyone that can do anything is doing something as quickly as possible to get the system back up and running. But it will be months before the storm is memory, weeks until it isn’t just a pain in the neck to do what was routine.

Next storm everyone will be a little better prepared and the one ofter that more so still. But there is only so much preparation that can be made by individuals and governments. Prudence would dictate doing so, while politics would not.