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Losing The Smorgasbord

For what it is worth, I think the Second Amendment ruling reaffirmed what most of the common people thought it said. The purpose of the Amendment is to be able to defend ourselves from state power, and is consistent in my mind with the people as sovereign, not the state.

The Republicans and the right, by wishing to abrogate the First and Fourth Amendments, have in effect become pickers and choosers of which part of the Bill of Rights actually means what it says it does.

The arguments presented in the post linked are just straw men. That’s all they have.

Consciences of Convenience

Tim Russert, with all his faults and strengths has passed away. Your opinions of him have no bearing whatsoever on anything important. If you knew him personally then console his family. If you knew him only from his work then you only know his work, and that is an opinion.

Credit given where credit due, h/t Instaredundant, whom I hope Howard Kurtz has enough sense to ignore.