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Windows security flaw fix. Pretty straight forward and easy.

The Reg reports,

The vulnerability results from the way Windows processes webpages containing MIME-formatted content. Attackers can exploit the weakness to run malicious scripts that steal sensitive information, spoof trusted websites or carry out other actions not authorized by the user. Internet Explorer is the only attack vector for the vulnerability, which resides in the Windows implementation of the MHTML protocol.

Called That Right

In a D.C. State Of MindOne answer is: Six rows of stars — the top, third and fifth rows with nine; the second, fourth and sixth rows with eight. The question is: How might the nation reconfigure its flag to acknowledge a 51st state. Or “state.”

The question is pertinent, or it would be were Congress inclined to adhere to the Constitution. Both the House and Senate are moving toward pretending, as part of a disgraceful bargain with Utah, that the District of Columbia is a state.

Of course if Congress were inclined to follow the Constitution we wouldn’t be in Iraq, but serious people are thinking of the flag.

And newspapers wonder why sales are falling.

Update:Which reminds me that Milibank had a column yesterday that no one read either.