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They Couldn’t Govern Four Years Ago

And they’re still losing ground.

Eight years of Worst pResident Evah! and four years of of the most obstructionist Congress in history, and conservatives blame it on Obama and send the same wingdings back to try this again, YA!

The cooperative Wall Street of four years ago now finds itself with political muscle cash to throw into the campaign against the guy that saved their bacon. Republicans who created the regulatory climate for the collapse, now cypher the cause too much taxing of the rich and not enough of the poor, so we’ll blame the poor and take it out of the middle, tax cuts for the rich will just have to do. Cowbell Republicans will ring in the liberty to be liberated of their wealth and work

A Stronger Leader On The Economy?

Corporate short term thinking and goals got the US, and hence the worlds’ economy, into the mess we are into today.

Corporate short-term thinking is not a new phenomenon related to the most recent corporate scandals. It has been conspicuously present for at least the last 30 years. This paper proposes that it should be interpreted as a side effect of our increasingly competitive economic system. A competitive market tends to create a wide difference between the payoffs for “winners” and “losers”: what we call a “winner-take-all” system. Thus, with such high stakes depending on every next move, there is a strong incentive for companies and individuals to focus on just winning the next round, i.e., to think short-term regardless of the impact on the business’ long-term viability.

More is better to some people,

President Obama and Mitt Romney enter the closing week of the campaign in an exceedingly narrow race, according to the latest poll by The New York Times and CBS News, with more voters now viewing Mr. Romney as a stronger leader on the economy and Mr. Obama as a better guardian of the middle class

Obama is by far and away the only real strategic thinker in this race. Look at the healthcare reform bill, most of it starts kicking in next year, and in either case it will be nearly impossible to stop. That my friends is strategic thinking. The tax cut relief he gave lower income families didn’t show up as a check to spend all Keynesian like like Bush’s, it was stealth Keynesian-ism of $20 or $30 a week and got spent on milk and cereal instead of iPods.

These are both smart guys. Mitt has an MBA and law degree, so he has a lawyers ability to talk in circles to match his MBA abilities in thinking short term. That is in fact his campaign.

So I guess one criteria, who has the best long term interests of his nation at heart, the strategic foresight to contemplate and then look beyond defeat, Obama, has been there and did that. Mitt has Bain,  Massachusetts and the Winter Olympics, none of which he wants to talk about except in his lawyerly way. His concern for the middle class will end as soon as his need, and that is election day. After that I think you’re on your own with him, because if you were him what other option would you have but that which you have always known, the short term option?

How He Got Here, And How He Kept Going

I haven’t done one thing this election, and that is look back on how Barack Obama and Mitt Romney got to this point in their lives and ours, and to keep it positive as various and sundry keep it positivetronic talking heads nod and bobble rhythmically to the wave positive that they are wont that I should do, not the wave negatorious that lumbers slower more sparkling over the arses of tundra frogs when lightning hits a wet road in mating season, that all but precludes saying anything about Mitt. Negatoriously that is. I do know David Broder said that anyone who would run for President for two years shouldn’t be trusted with office.

I have got to narrow it down somewhat, somehow, and that would be to simply take a look at the past career trajectories that brought them to this same point, and ask myself, over the long haul and the short, which of these two men will get me the better shake in my various interests.

Health care seems to be off of the table, maybe because it is old news, or maybe because it is working better than expected and will continue to improve. Not a peep, right or left.

Social Security seems safe if you use actuary numbers and real projections, or you can cry the sky is falling and feed granny and yourselves a further deregulated cat food industry so they’re eating fido instead. With the more appropriately name Bowles-Simpson every skat in the house will look and smell the same. Blame it on the dog.

So a Republican House and Botoxed Senate minority managed to block nearly every piece of legislation they played a major role in shaping in either chamber, just to make Obama look bad, and so after two years the world economy teeters on their bold political calculus of making Obama look bad, so they can say they made Obama look bad. Job well done! Puhleeze.



Well Shucks Paw,

Never thought I’d read this about New York City.

Throughout the day, the pioneer spirit that has brought chicken coops, beehives and funky bars to a once-desolate industrial stretch of Brooklyn was on full display, with residents hoisting Brooklyn Lager and goblets of red wine.

Speaking of New York, the mayor could do the world in general and America in particular a real favor if they would pump out the subway station nearest FOX last. Just in case you’re taking requests.

Now, I’m off to get some hay and a sip from the trough as we say here abouts.

High Frequency Traders Versus Me and E-Trade

Oh wait,

Nate Silver has a computer model. Each day he plugs the data from the various national and swing state polls into that model, numbers are crunched, simulations are run, and he posts the results on his New York Times blog indicating who is more likely to win the presidential election: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. (As of this posting, Silver’s analysis has Obama winning in 74.6 percent of scenarios.) And for this, Silver is coming under attack from pundits who insist that their gut feeling tells them the race is a true toss-up.

But Nate is gutting through his math being correct. Look, when I tell you is who going to win, then you’ll know. Also, too, for whom the blog trolls.  My theory begins with lead lined rooms in underground bunkers far from the scene of the crime, yet with easy access to city amenities, a room where the AT still runs DOS 5.0 and the four, count them, four lottery programs which in twenty years have never failed to not produce a winning ticket, the money saved from not buying tickets having been well spent on electricity for a machine to calculate them both. I should fill the room up with machines as such. That’s how I would do it.

This is Joe,

But my gut tells me there are two likely scenarios: (1) President Obama will squeak out a narrow Electoral College victory or (2) Mitt Romney will carry Ohio and be swept into office by a comfortable margin.

Yeah my gut and mathematical models tell me someone is going to win too Joe. First we must learn Zen and the art of face maintenance.


Before they was cool,
had shiny reputations,
for being cruel.
 We got a war to win boys
even if it on our own kind
we got a war to fight boys
you know it’s in our blood.
 Tell them any fancy story
anything will do
just so long as there’s distance
between them and you-
find a bogey man Arab fandango
gets you three hours of TV.
Like beer, lies like to breathe,
so spank that baby on Fox,
raise it to the glory of the homeland
and freeland of the brave.
You know that’s what we do Harry.

Aye, ‘Twas A Slow Dawth For A Blog

But only a short time in dog years and long good-byes, but ’tis easier to versify for greater license around here is sorely in need, and better the thoughts and flows of thoughts flow unabated to time than to cram them into the shorts that invent the need.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have deduced and concluded, sometimes in that order, that Mitt Romney is probably a Dyson Sphere, with the troubling implications of not actually knowing which of the Romneys  is the real one. Who are Scotty and Geordi, and what if they don’t hold the door??

Dammit! I’m a blogger Jim, not a script writer!

 Ohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh Messiaahaahaah Meaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,

Or is that over the top? We could chop and ohh oh or ah ah move em around. They’re inter-changeable. Are we  on! OMG!!!!! (Ekk! etc) Ekk! What do you mean you called the cops?!!

So, yeah, I  guess having a blog is having the liberty to say what you wish to say in a way that you wish to say it. Now that it is down ballot Republicans saying it, what’s the point?

I have a hard time with religion that can’t handle education, or education without understanding religion. I like to be skeptical of all things, science included, in moderation too. I always wonder why God never gets into the pockets of old men of science like he does old men of religion.

Religion hasn’t figured out how to act towards technology either. They haven’t even come up with any FUD for the plow yet. The Vapors inform me, RSN.

But I’d give the Dyson Sphere thing some real thought.

Redundancy Test

This is only a test.

Forecasts show the storms, led by Hurricane Sandy, likely to converge with potentially devastating effect on the Eastern Seaboard as early as Sunday evening.

Where would you like to be, when? Where do you have to be then? Fortify but velocitize.Food, blankets, kids? Refugee mode! Mucho mas food, blankets truck rental. 

Go Gently Into That Good Day Darling

Leave a smile on the front porch as you’re leaving
So where ever you go you’ll always know
one’s there waiting for you.

Mine of course
will be upstairs,
hoping for a rhyme.
dreaming of a time.

(alas alas forsooth, also tooeth, the work has but begun upon one, yea yet yonder wondroth its’ brother.)

A Virtual Mitt For A Virtual World

No Manchurian need apply.
We’ll surround ourselves with ones and zeros
no one will notice we multiply,
somethings are best left done in the open
other things you gotta do on the sly.
just so long as the numbers all add up
to another slice of American pie in the sky.

I don’t know who invented the internet
but I know it invented Mitt
I know giant leaps for all mankind
are followed by little steps.
I swear high frequency trading radio waves
have got inside his tin foil hat.
I think we ought to go back to corking horses
*at least you knew then, what was what.

*(oh the fun I could have with this line)

SWEAT OFF THE FIRE!!11 Barack In The Saddle Again!!

According to trumped upped reporting  being conceived around here, Michelle Obama is whispering to friends that ,

well this too is also a developing story.

08 something


Mitt Romney, in what one aide called,” dabbling with failure,” has agreed to release his tax returns to Swonglobsh, .

Update: This story is developing!

"I Have Looked Into His Eyes, I Have Seen His Soul,"

Mitt speaking to Romney this morning after shaving.

Romney’s Creationism More Like It

Evolution sounds all sciency, man.

The Romney evolution

 There is a frequent, cheesy scene from many a science fiction film that came to my mind after the final presidential debate.

Couldn’t have put it better myself.