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You’re Miffed?

Last I checked there was some far leftist corp pulling the Democratic Party to the left, instead of staying in the center where Republicans could hit them from the right, according to the wizened concerned trolls from the nineties.

I am glad that a Keynesian leaning Kennedy-McGovern with a pinch of Humphrey Democrat like myself is not one of them. That’s where I started anyway, and now I am of that with a social and civil libertarian bent. That doesn’t mean I don’t think supply side economics isn’t a beautiful and elegant theory that works as well here as it did Argentina in the eighties.

While I admit to having the morals and ethics of big business and DC, they do not. Nor does the media in DC cover that aspect of DC. So the appearance, warranted or not can be maintained by design or not.

This is the way things are now and that is why so many people are involved in trying to change it, they want the same transparency in government as government demands of them. The process doesn’t have to be adversarial, but is so of choice.

I do not believe that the political and economic center as defined by the right is something I am obligated to adhere to.

Let A Thousand Yucca Mountains Appear

Let 1,000 Nukes Bloom! The elephant in the room remains, what do you do with the garbage?

Update: Just to be clear, the article linked is worth a read, while my post is merely an observation of things not discussed.

Should Have Run With The Fifth

Canada coroner condemns foot hoax
Lay off the mobile.

A severed “foot” in a running shoe found in Canada’s British Columbia is not human, the province’s coroners service says.

It said the remains found near Campbell River on Vancouver Island on Wednesday belonged to an animal, describing the hoax as “reprehensible”.

The G&M article on the fifth foot found was more interesting anyway.

Best to stick with Nancy’s pregnancy pact gig.