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Consistency Is The Hobgoblin Of Small Minds

But give them that,

And on a meta-level, it’s pretty fucking charming that people who have no trouble reducing foreign countries to ruin and rubble based on nonsensical propaganda are all of a sudden neat freaks — not to mention that these are the same malevolent geeks gleefully trashing the planet by talking horseshit about climate change.

Background! Background!I’m sure this will be covered by our fair and balanced cable newsie.

I Must Have Missed The Mark

Do influential people develop more conventional opinions?

4. The status quo is good at spotting interesting, unusual people who will evolve (sell out?) and elevating them to positions of influence.

5. Oddballs who are influential arrive first at where the status quo is later headed, and eventually they end up looking conventional.

Which may of course have something to do with this,

There’s a stereotype of Deep Wisdom. Death: complete the pattern: “Death gives meaning to life.” Everyone knows this standard Deeply Wise response. And so it takes on some of the characteristics of an applause light. If you say it, people may nod along, because the brain completes the pattern and they know they’re supposed to nod. They may even say “What deep wisdom!”, perhaps in the hope of being thought deep themselves. But they will not be surprised; they will not have heard anything outside the box; they will not have heard anything they could not have thought of for themselves. One might call it belief in wisdom – the thought is labeled “deeply wise”, and it’s the completed standard pattern for “deep wisdom”, but it carries no experience of insight.

Which would explain the mess we are in, not only in Gitmo, nor the economy, but in a multitude of areas, darst I speak of religion?

On the bright side, (for me at least,) I’m already gone. (see #5 above in blockquotes.)

Update: Why there is more here.


People are starting to discover that the biggest danger to Democratic centrist government is the Democratic left.

Besides dfh and bloggers, (who may in fact be some of the same people!,) who woulda thunk?

I Do Not Twitter, Therefore I Am

Politicians twitter while the country burns

Twitter is reality TV without the pictures. There is a combination of neurosis and narcissism involved. The psychologist Oliver James has said: “Twittering stems from a lack of identity. It’s a constant update of who you are, what you are, where you are. Nobody would Twitter if they had a strong sense of identity.”

Projection is such a dismal picture to see.