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People Say Things

That remind me of other things,

By now, just about everyone has seen the precious moment in MTV’s 1996 Sex in the ’90s when O’Donnell made this monumental discovery about masturbation: “If he already knows what pleases him and he can please himself, then why am I in the picture?” Fourteen years later, it doesn’t really seem to be dawning on the still-unmarried O’Donnell that she’s not “in the picture” and might never be. But that, apparently, isn’t going to stop her waging war against the sex lives of everyone else.

I think we needed some insight so here you go.




Ever wondered why brand name drugs are so much more expensive than generics? Well, so did one Reddit user, who asked what magical qualities made a branded pill worth $500 when the generic was available for $10, and got back a response he wasn’t expecting (found via Consumerist), as the rep accidentally emailed him the question that the rep meant to email a superior:

Everything You Didn’t Want To Know About Networking My Cheetos Vending Machine To Your PC

But were afraid to ask,

Twenty years ago, the fastest Internet backbone links were 1.5Mbps. Today we argue whether that’s a fast enough minimum to connect home users. In 1993, 1.3 million machines were connected to the Internet. By this past summer, that number had risen to 769 million— and this only counts systems that have DNS names. The notion of a computer that is not connected to the Internet is patently absurd these days.

Page 4 has good links for those just passively interested in IPv6.


Should Have Emigrated To America

Could have become bankers and stolen houses,

UK police investigating a suspected Zeus Trojan e-banking fraud ring have charged 11 people with a variety of fraud and money laundering offences.

The accused, all east European nationals resident in Essex, allegedly participated in a series of frauds targeting customers of UK banks over the last three months that resulted in losses of £6m.

Waiting For Superman

Not that the richest most powerful nation on Earth, loudly proclaiming itself to be a Christian nation, would have a problem with hunger,

Feeding America is annually providing food to 37 million Americans, including 14 million children. This is an increase of 46 percent over 2006, when we were feeding 25 million Americans, including 9 million children, each year.

Or spending trillions on wars,

Did you know that?

* children who eat breakfast perform better on standardnized tests
* children who eat breakfast have fewer behavior problems in school
* children who eat breakfast have improved math grades
* breakfast helps children with improved attendance and punctuality
* breakfast helps students improve performance on mental tasks

I think it is the teachers and unions fault.

Update: I wouldn’t want this to be construed as opposition to improving the school lunch program.

Gliese 581d Demands Tax Cut

Only way to avoid war of worlds. “Tax cuts solve everything, we have heard from the beams from Earth.”

Just Use Larger Warheads

The CIA purchased faulty software,

The CIA allegedly purchased flawed targeting software for drone missile attacks on suspected terrorists–software it knew was faulty, and that could misdirect attacks by as much as 39 feet–according to a report in The Register based on claims made in a lawsuit.

The War Machine’s Entitlement Problem


The authors of the book “The $3 Trillion War” noted in a conference call on Wednesday that when they first released their findings two years ago, the estimates were widely criticized as being too high. Now, the researchers believe they may have been too low.

Not a yellow elephant problem, this will not be discussed.

Phony Free Market Capitalism

I’m sure the Tea Party will jump all over this. The free market isn’t so free after all.

And here are all of the Cronies, along with their Wall Street hauls:

And Ted Nugent thinks these people are going to limit their own terms…

Paging George Will’s Brain

If anyone really wants to know what’s wrong with DC,

Democrats, unable to run on their policies, will try to demonize the opponents with Tea Party support as unstable extremists with personality disorders. They have ridden this hobby horse before.

I worry America is becoming acerbic challenged.

We Are Not Alone

Scientists discover other scientists were wrong. May go a long way in explaining man’s behavior in technological age.