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The Way I CNN It

While the beans are boiling I thought I’d follow up on the previous post since you have to do what you have to do when time is as scarce as hen’s teeth.

I have a love/hate relationship with TV journalists, not just because we disagree politically, as some of us do, in fact most of us do, but because what they are doing is diametrically opposed to what I’m trying to do in so many ways.

Journalist love a good fight, as long as they aren’t in one, because there is a chance that a winner and loser will emerge so that they can tell the story, the human element, the blood on the street, all good stuff that they and I have all read countless times in countless books. As long as I’m not talking about them I would imagine a lot of them just enjoy the yarns and snark.

But television is visual, and everyone knows that if you wave your arms and yell at the sky no one will remember what you were yelling so much as that you were waving your arms and yelling. It is almost as destructive of the message as saying uh, while, uh, you think, uhm, what it is or, uh, what is you don’t, uhm, want to say, to uh, look like you know what you’re talking about.

You know I can’t remember a damned thing any one of them said on 9-11, but the video is burned in to my skull forever. That united the American people after the election po-ed slightly more than half of us, and Iraq divided us again, which is what UBL wanted in the first place.

But let’s not kid ourselves about the difference in coverage the health scare debate has received with that of the antiwar demonstrations in 2002-2003. Bias toward a government policy that frankly, took advantage of the rage of 9-11, is understandable, after all 85% of Americans bought into it, so the coverage of us screwballs then, and those at town hall meetings today is probably more pronounced to us than most of you.

But the progressive movement didn’t gain steam by not forgiving people for being absolutely wrong about that war. I’m not especially upset hearing people gripe about maybe having to have the public pay for some uninsured homeless vet under a bridge as I ought to be considering their reaction to pallets of cash being flown to Iraq and handed out to Iraqis and mercenaries etc.

The thing was brought together by forgiveness, and common sense and intelligence. I brag about my lack of formal education not to show up the college kids, but to make a point that education doesn’t define intelligence, nor does intelligence define education. I know a lot of really smart carpenters and mechanics. I know a couple of dumb ass Phds. too.

The thing dividing the American people is the emotional responses of those whom they trust, not the information that they are receiving, because if the internet has done anything, it has done what many of us had hoped it would, move information around freely to whomever wished to take it. When I was trying to get Tymnet out here in the boobdocks it never even occurred to me that it should be a profitable adventure. Porn made it financially viable, and provided the business model that attracted mainstream corporations, and had some part in economic expansion of the last decade, and the crash as well. None of us ever thought it would be an Achilles heel in the early nineties.

As someone has observed however, the internet destabilizes hierarchies, and it reaches into every one of them in America because it is essential to the economics of those hierarchies. Politics is no exception, and the media, not wanting to be behind the curve this time, has jumped on twitter like it is the new ether of the net. I don’t look at these things as being cool, even though they are, but as tools. A hammer can drive a screw and it will stay put until some takes it out with a screw driver because the hammer isn’t very good for pulling screws.

Somehow we have to figure out how to pull the screws out of the system, and if the media isn’t part of the solution then they are the problem, because they have the biggest audiences and the visual tools. So they have great power and no accountability, which they don’t like being challenged on as individuals, and can’t, or refuse to see, as being a collective force for destabilizing the civilization they live and work in.

So if I take you down a peg I expect the retaliation. But if you don’t think I won’t continue to fight for America, or western civilization because my opinions and methodology is objectionable to college framed expectation of y’all, you got another thing coming.