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How The West Was Lost

Josh notes, Satire Eight Paces Up on Reality

Another interesting detail, noted by the Times. al-Dabbagh’s statement was released by CentCom. I do not know how often Iraqi government statements are released by CentCom.

CNN plays it pretty straightforwardly as a mistranslation. Considerably more credulous than the Times.

You know if the corporate media really wanted to boost Americans confidence in their government and institutions they could start with reporting facts as verified by someone other than their own sources.

Another reason to quit watching national television “news”.

FISA – Preparing For The Last War

Even if you are a complete moron, and some of you are, given the attention that has been paid to eavesdropping on electronic communications would you use them to plot attacks?

UD: Just to be clear, pattern resolution parameters have changed since the current debate began. LSS Other people read history besides Americans. So the question I suppose I’m asking you, is how would you pull off this sort of job under current circumstances, which is precisely what the bad guys are doing?

Update2.2 To understand things a little better,

The second problem with this program lies in the nature of the DPI gear itself (if you’re not intimately familiar with deep packet inspection, I would highly recommend reading this introductory guide). As Ars Technica notes, “[c]urrent gear is so sophisticated that it can reconstitute e-mails and IM conversations out of asymmetric traffic flows” and can “essentially peek ‘under the hood’ of any non-encrypted packet to take a look at what it contains.” This being the case, it’s not hard to imagine how DPI technology might be used for more nefarious means like copyright filtering and general Internet monitoring. And lest we forget, monitoring traffic is the first step toward regulating and prioritizing traffic. Thus, DPI appliances can be seen as a core technological enabler of the non-neutral or “tiered” network.

The two issues almost seem dissimilar, net neutrality and FISA, but they are dovetailed either by design, or as seems to be the American Way, accident.

So shall we start discussing asymmetrical communication methods in the blogs?

Todays FISA Must Read

I mean if your interested in the whole story thing. That doesn’t change a thing on the immunity situation, which I also don’t think is about getting big bucks from the telcos either. I would take a cupa joe, though.

(forgot the rhyme. my bad.)

Massive Fertilizer Spill Reported In Politico

How Hoyer got the deal done

What a crock. Steny Hoyer and the Congressional Democrats are just a bunch of piss pants afraid of losing their lucre and new found pow-wer on K Street.

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“You can take a position and be a purist and sort of sit around yelling at each [other] across the [political] divide and nothing gets done,” Hoyer said. “The American people, they want us to get this done. That’s the whole thing to me.”

I had not heard of any clamoring from the American people on this. AFA.

Update: Given the level of corruption in DC, it may well be that Congressional Democrats are as up to their ears as the Republicans in it and the Republicans own the DoJ.

Pretty much what Hoover was doing when he was gamboling around in his fishnet hose in the sixties and seventies, except Hoover was ambidextrous.

But that is pretty much conjecture on my part because the press hasn’t actually reported on that story, like the Broder deal, because no one is getting drunk and talking to out of Villagers.