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Things Change

October 29, 2010 at 08:17 am

Officials say they are taking these precautions due to an incident that happened overnight. A cargo flight flying from Yemen to Chicago, stopping at East Midlands Airport, was checked when it landed and crews found a toner cartridge with wires and powder that had been tampered with and changed, but tested negative for explosive materials.


Two packages containing explosive devices originating in Yemen and bound for two places of Jewish worship in Chicago set off a global terror alert on Friday. One package was found at a FedEx facility in Dubai, and another was found early Friday morning at an airport in Britain, sparking a day of dramatic precautionary activity in the United States.

I wonder where conspiracy theories get their start.

On the upside, the newser at the WH ended in time for the evening news. Imagine that.

Update: Interesting titbit

The following items are not acceptable for carriage to any international destinations unless otherwise indicated. (Additional restrictions may apply depending on destination. Various regulatory clearances in addition to customs clearance may be required for certain commodities, thereby extending the transit time.)

1. APO/FPO addresses.
2. C.O.D. shipments.
3. Human corpses, human organs or body parts, human and animal embryos, or cremated or disinterred human remains.
4. Explosives (Class 1.4 explosives are acceptable for carriage to Canada, Germany, France, Japan, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Note: United Arab Emirates only allows Class 1.4 explosives to be shipped hold-for-pickup to the FedEx Express facility in Dubai).

A Viable Alternative

Since the talking heads, pundits, and Very Serious People have already concluded the election results from people like me lying to pollsters, it may behoove us to switch to a voice vote system, whence everyone gathers in local town squares and parks and hollers their assent. It would save a lot of money, which apparently is the only thing Americans know how to cipher anymore.

Or you could actually get off your ass and go vote.

I Stand Corrected

What trustee?

This is very, very bad. For one thing, it’s a near certainty that significant numbers of borrowers are being defrauded — charged fees they don’t actually owe, declared in default when, by the terms of their loan agreements, they aren’t.

Those of you with mortgages in Mortgage Backed Securities can send your payment to me, since you need a trustee, trust me.

Oh Dear

Does washing your hair too often make you get dandruff or go bald?


Does washing your hair too often make you get dandruff or go bald?


The quick answer to your question is absolutely not. The idea that washing your hair frequently causes baldness or dandruff is actually a misconception.

Although you might be losing your locks while in the shower or combing your hair, that is perfectly normal.

The hair follicle has a three-phased life: growth, rest and shedding. Five per cent of your hair is in the shedding phase. That means you can lose 80 to 100 hairs every day. If you only shower once a week, for example, it may seem like you are shedding an awful lot, when in fact that hair is ready to be released.

I’ll let you have a run at that.

The Last Five Posts Have Limited Appeal

For my readers.

But I enjoyed the research and the ranting. Especially the rant.

No, Actually The Universe Is Organic

Is the Universe Actually Made of Math?

“I learned pretty early that if I focused exclusively on these big questions I’d end up working at McDonald’s,” Tegmark explains. “So I developed this Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde strategy where officially, whenever I applied for jobs, I put forth my mainstream work. And then quietly, on the side, I pursued more philosophical interests.”

Instead of thinking the universe could be the leg of a table in some guy’s basement, think of it as a leg on some guy’s dog in his basement.

Rumor Debunked!

John McCain has not, I repeat, has not selected the wooden indian outside the Kenner cigar store for his running mate.

It has been speculated the indian would add life to the ticket.(this rumor has had two to three variations, including indian wood.)