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Where Have All The Flowers Growers Gone?

Collateral damage

In 1971, the United States produced 1.2 billion blooms of the major flowers (roses, carnations and chrysanthemums) and imported only 100 million. By 2003, the trade balance had reversed; the United States imported two billion major blooms and grew only 200 million.

in a war no one seems to want.

The latest YouGov poll for The Economist has found a solid majority, 58 percent of Americans, agree that marijuana should be regulated and taxed just like like alcohol and tobacco. Almost as important, the poll found that only 23 percent disagreed with the idea of treating cannabis like alcohol.

I find both of these surprising. I mean flower growers?

As far as the poll goes, polls come and go, but legislators vote, and a lot of these laws remain on the books because legislators “don’t like tokers,” one or more having corrupted their own children I would imagine, or they’re having second thoughts about their own drug use in their youth.

Personally I don’t care if someone drinks a beer or smokes a doob. I do care if it gets out of hand and goes beyond the right to swing your arms ends at my nose, but all the alcohol restraining laws are pretty much ignored anyway. If you drink you’ll eventually get drunk. If you get drunk often enough you’ll eventually drive a vehicle, and if you drive drunk enough you’ll eventually get busted. If you become addicted you will more probably than not end up in jail.

The idea that legalizing marijuana, or decriminalizing it, only encourages bad behavior is valid only to those who do their utmost to overlook their own. There are some that actually do follow every law they know about, but because there are as many laws as people, one shouldn’t expect perfect adherence to all laws, many of which are just tools of the state to circumvent the constitutional restrictions on the powers of the state, which the law abiding citizen violates out of ignorance.

A lot of people probably don’t care about this particular law until they have children either, and the protective bear kicks in to forestall their childrens’ future lapses in good judgment imparted by the good parent, which evil peers will circumvent in a bored moment of rebellion. One may as well try and stop the children from spinning around to make themselves dizzy, because the effect is the same and the intention is innocent of all adult deliberative prejudices.

The major stumbling block is expecting rational behavior out of legislators. Those that do expect that don’t need drugs and alcohol. Mostly legislators. Power is the most subtle and destructive drug invented by man, in democracies, the revenge of the dweebs. Destroying lives through legislation is so much better than actually shooting people in the back, and not so obvious as the War Powers, and Patriot Acts.