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The Scary Liberal Media

ROTFLMAOAnother reason to wash the car.

Mr. Bush Answers Mr. Bush

Who Was Preznit On 9/11 Again?

Now when did UBL leave off using cell phones?

This Is An Adult

Gingrich: Supreme Court decision will ‘cost us a city.’

Yeah, the rhetoric of the blogs is out of hand.

This court decision is a disaster, which could cost us a city. And the debate ought to be about whether you’re prepared to lose an American city on behalf of five lawyers — it was a five to four decision. … That ought to be a principled argument between McCain and Obama, about whether or not you’re prepared to allow any random, nutcake district judge who has no knowledge of national security to set the rules for terrorists.

Nothing like high profile Muricans undermining the government of the United States in war time, with baseless fears. I know I should be inured to Republican FUD.

If this administration had followed the law and American precedent then Mr. Gingrich would not have to be wetting his knees over Gitmo.

Update: My bad. Apparently Gingrich has been wetting his pants over loosing a city since it was reported that someone besides himself had questioned the Presidents policies.