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The Flatheads of Atwater

“See No Evil” Conservatives

This memo from their own internal pollster, published yesterday, shows that they believe the key swing demographic to be downscale white voters. And the key swing states include places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, places with a long history of racial tension.

Every cause is religious, except religion, which is politics.

Listening To The Field Commanders

I guess that only happens during election times, when all else fails. You suppose Palin throws allies under the bus as fast as Bushco?

Don’t tell Bill Kristol, but it seems David Petraeus wanted to go to Syria to try some of the old appeasement diplomatic engagement and Bush told him “no.”

McCain To Campaign In Arizona

McCain plans Prescott visit Monday

Sen. John McCain will be in Prescott on election eve, according to the Yavapai County Republican Party.

He plans to attend the party’s annual Victory Rally at approximately 9 p.m. Monday on the historic courthouse plaza. The rally starts at 6 p.m. and typically attracts Republican elected officials from around the state.

McCain’s campaign officials and Republican National Committee officials could not confirm for The Daily Courier Thursday that McCain would attend the event.


Don’t Worry Drudge

You maintain the same level of confidence here that you have for the last five years. Zip-Nada-Squat

Historical aside, back in the old days, before Drudge ruled their world, and forums ruled their world, I recommended ten blogs to a fellow traveler, and Drudge was one of them. He is the only one I never read, period.

I still manage Instantredundant once in awhile, but only when politics intersects with the membrane of cosmic dimensions. The rest I still read all the time. That makes me 80% except on convergence days when I go up to 90%, loyal, and good adjudger of talent as any adjuger can be.

I Disagree

I think they should get into derivatives.

Talent? And You Bribe Me With Talent?! Bwahahahahahahha

I keep hearing that government curtailing of bonuses and such will cause a talent drain in the bailed out companies. This is perplexing, given that the talent has had to be bailed out.

I think bonuses should be looked at like taxes, or labor, or raw materials, as an expense. That expense is built into the price of a good or service, and passed on to me or you. If the government owns a company, not in the Socialist socialism way, but Socialism in the laissez faire capitalist type of way then why shouldn’t expenses be cut at the top?

Update:Barney Frank just informed me that I was correct, the bailout so far has authorized only $350 billion, if the President certifies that another 100 billion is needed, which means that so far 700 billion really is 250 billion, and might explain why the traditional media are having trouble with bloggers and arithmetic.

Economics As An Avalanche

The terrible truth about economics

Various physicists have shown that stock markets demonstrate the same kind of self-organised criticality as avalanches, earthquakes, population figures, fashions, forest fires…. The list is endless.

The Delusional Served By TV and Radio

We always knew you had it in ya!

They include audible thoughts, hearing voices arguing, voices commenting on your actions, feeling that your body, mind or emotions are being controlled by outside forces, thought insertion and withdrawal, thought broadcasting, or delusional interpretations of everyday perceptions.

Right down your alley boys!

Why Can’t America Run An Election?

Jesus Christ!

Too cute by half.

Of course the US media has only had six years to report on this, but again, wishes to prove an allegation before it reports on it, but won’t allocate the funding to do an investigative report because people want fluff.

But don’t worry, you have a cool looking website and your broadcasts are the hippest.

More Flipping In Texas

Voter in Eighth Texas County Reports Vote Flipping on ES&S Machine

Add Bexar County to the growing list of Texas counties where voters say they are having trouble with touch-screen machines flipping their votes.

A computer security expert who works for the federal government said that his ES&S iVotronic paperless touch-screen machine in San Antonio flipped his vote from Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to Republican presidential candidate John McCain and then from McCain to Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr.

Unlike voters in seven other Texas counties who were trying to cast a straight-party Democratic ballot when the flipping occurred, the Bexar County voter was not voting a straight-party ticket. In this manner, his experience more closely matches voters in several West Virginia counties last week and a Tennesee County who also were not voting straight-party tickets when their ES&S machine flipped their vote from one presidential candidate to another.

You would think that Texas, of all places wouldn’t really need to cheat the results.

I suppose those of you using the touch screens will just have to be diligent in inspecting the ballot before pressing the last key.

Surge Success

Another success? Iraqi mayor Bush once hailed flees to U.S.

WASHINGTON — Two years ago, President Bush hailed Najim al Jabouri as a symbol of success in the battle to curb Iraq’s sectarian violence. Today, Jabouri is a symbol of how uncertain that success is.

Last month, Jabouri quietly left Tal Afar, an ancient city near Iraq’s desert border with Syria where he was the police chief and the mayor, collected his wife and four children and flew to safety in the United States.

“There was no other choice,” Jabouri, 52, a retired Iraqi army lieutenant general, said in a recent interview that was translated by his eldest son, Omar, 21. “I had been serving my homeland, the Iraqi people and Iraqi soil my whole life. I decided I had to do something for my own family. I saw that their lives were in great danger.”

I guess the proof is in the eating of the pudding, not in the pudding.

The Loose Cannon Still On Deck

Brace yourselves – George Bush will soon be free to do just what he wantsand The impending strike on Iran

A president is definitely most powerful when he is a lame duck who is ceding power to an opposing party. If you are the outgoing president, or a member of the outgoing administration, you are thinking one thing: if Obama wins, November and December would be ideal time to attack Iran.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was a time of times.