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Taking The High Road To Hell

Pick a poison, any poison. A plethora of do as we say, not as we do.

With A Forehead Like Diamond, And A Face As Flint

I will proceed from this point.

I have been aware of the media’s hypocrisy for quite awhile, and given what they do, and what they have to do it with I wasn’t too troubled with the adjunct researchers role, after all I surf the web to seek out the information I’m interested in, and if there was a symbiotic relationship apparent to some folks up in Austin, there you have it girl.

But things change, and now I’m aware of the televangelist less than forthright behavior in some of the less savory applications of technology, to be kind, I have to do this another way.

So I clobbered all the things in this blog that might be too spotty with worldly things, to focus on the spiritual things.

*given the reaction of some people that I actually like, I deduced too broad a brush in the labeling. My apologies.