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Then You Won’t Mind Me Pointing Out

Survivalists 2.0: Regular people get ready for the worst

Spirko, 36, considers himself an average guy with a normal life.
But for the past few years, Spirko has been stockpiling food, water, gas, guns and ammunition. He also has a load of red wine, Starbucks coffee and deodorant stashed away.
Spirko, an Army veteran and self-described “stark-raving-mad Libertarian,” is part of a growing movement of people who are preparing for a disaster natural, economic or man-made. Referred to as “modern survivalists” or “preppers,” they are taking steps to protect and provide for their families should something bad happen.

One must smell nice after the apocalypse.


Who Cares If The Taxpayers End Up Holding The Bag?

They are the same people who are getting bailed out anyway.

That’s what the bonehead of the Republican party says too.