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Deep Thought

I would hate for a personal failing to get misinterpreted and blown all out of proportion, unless of course I planned it. I don’t know what I would think of that though.

In Lieu of The Original Title

I am at a loss as to how to address this disparate audience of mine, and whether you believe it or not, blogs are not necessarily the venue for all things considered, click throughs especially. But there should be some sort of transition away from the previously posted post, which was so 2000 and 6, and the previously not posted post, which was so ought ought not be posted. So see, I take care of you unaware.

Imagine if I were a corporation, or this were a collective effort, and I also had to consider everyone else’s thoughts, feelings and subsequent opinions. Then there are yours too. So just the act of communicating becomes a complex calculation that could misfire depending on the topic and if I’m eating real chocolate, some artfully contrived goo, or a beef and bean burrito.

I know there is a lot I could say, but little I could add on many of the issues du jour but policy is like making bread and after kneading you let the dough rise and knead it again, then you bake it and then you cool it. It seems most of it is somewhere along in the process, so there it is. Whether we end up with any meat in the sausage for the sandwich or just bread and pork fat for a wishful thinking sandwich is up for grabs, so why piss off Joe Lieberman?

In the end I’ve wound up with more time for tangential thinking which is still too fuzzy to articulate very well at the moment.

Oh What Fun I Could Have With This

Mr. Brooks offers himself up in sacrifice,

The knowledge transmitted in an emotional education, on the other hand, comes indirectly, seeping through the cracks of the windowpanes, from under the floorboards and through the vents. It’s generally a byproduct of the search for pleasure, and the learning is indirect and unconscious.

Where to begin? Where to begin.

It was the best of times, …

Just The Facts Ma’am,

As pointed out here,

And that’s not even counting the real left-wing option, which is a fully nationalized system such as Britain’s very good National Health Service, which costs Britain’s taxpayers far, far less than Americans pay in taxes to maintain our own country’s commercial health care disaster.


Number Four: Senate Health Care Bill Will Cost $2.5 Trillion

Judd Gregg (R-NH) released a statement: “American taxpayers are about to see an unprecedented expansion of the federal government that will cost a staggering $2.5 trillion when fully implemented.” From there, it went viral. The provenance of this number is unclear. It could have come from Michael Cannon of the CATO institute, who’d been bandying it about for a little while. Democrats do, in fact, hide some of the cost of implementing the legislation in the CBO’s 10 year window. But not $1.7 trillion (or two times the bill’s CBO cost) worth. Now it’s on the lips of every Republican in the Senate. (Relatedly, Republicans in the House claimed that an early version of House health care legislation would cost $1.6 trillion. That wasn’t true either.)

From their asses to our ears, and given the impact this is having on the issue, one must consider the vector of the virus.

Next thing you know people will start discovering that the public hospitals they were born in are supported with taxes, and so qualify as government run health care already, using the Republicans definition of the term.

“I was born under communism but I won’t die under it!” Unless of course it is an interstate bridge.

Who would have ever thought communism could be so social, and socialists as American as manzana pie?

A Not So Bright Lie

Scott Ritter revisited,

As of December 1998, both the US and Britain knew there was no “smoking gun” in Iraq that could prove that Saddam’s government was retaining or reconstituting a WMD capability. Nothing transpired between that time and when the decision was made in 2002 to invade Iraq that fundamentally altered that basic picture.

Now, conservative gas bags that supported this boondogle to the tune of $400 Billion a year!, $400 Billion a year!, which multiplied by seven years makes around $2.8 Trillion, supplemental to the budget, borrowed off budget from China, these same gas bags are screeching at Obama to make a decision about Afghanistan, the war they forgot about until last month when it became imperative again, right after health care reform became too expensive for billionaires who had just undergone a tremendous loss of wealth due to Republican deregulation of the financial system.

Good thing no one sees any patterns here, or smart people might start wondering why the hell they still listen to you anymore.

Swamped Rats

For those of you long time blog readers this is way over due. You’ll recall when Murtha was seeking the whip’s position after the 2006 elections that Firedoglake and Glenn Greenwald were pretty intense about ethics, not that any of them that I am aware of actually condone lining your pockets from public service, but let’s not kid ourselves about our imperial capital either. You might say some of them learned how to steal before they learned how to run.

Speaking Of Boomerang Kids,

The nice thing is I get to be a boomerang dad. They come back and I throw them out again.

Speaking Of FOX,

Joe and I were wondering just how much string do you suppose a shuttle can carry, and along those lines, how long do you reckon they’ll need the ISS?

Speaking Of Catholics,

FOX just had a report out of Chicago from the Catholic Charities food bank, which video shows both the laity busy at doing good things, it is a lot of work to sort that stuff, and the dignity of all of those in the shot.

It was pointed out that there is a greater need for food and fewer to give, so send them a can of peaches and help support this blog, but stick it in the bag with the other groceries to preserve their anonymity. Thanks up front.

PS: Atheist can chip in too, as peaches make no distinctions when it comes to men.

Democratic Boobs Blow Mamogram Screening

CNN informs me that the Senate bill follows the idiocy of the commission earlier.

(Ok edits are done.)

So what do we call these people? Doctors without patients? Just wondering.