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Tracking Who’s Whoing Whom

For whom the clicks ring,

The main goal of the census is to “define and quantify vectors for tracking consumers on the Internet,” in essence to create a critically needed evaluation component to measure the ever-changing and often-evasive methods companies use to track visitors.

Not surprisingly, the quarterly report released yesterday saw that all of the top 100 sites use cookies to track users and visitors, though overall cookie use appeared to be on the decline.

What it found instead is that Web sites are increasing their use of HTML5 local storage — objects like tracking software placed on a user’s computer — and that the use of this tracking method has doubled in the past year.

Of course most blogs, and in fact most online websites, rely on these trackers and cookie counters to sell advertising so you dear reader may have your content, and they can pay their bills, which leads to the other half of the equation,

AdBlock, NoScript & Ghostery – The Trifecta Of Evil [Opinion]
For those of you who don’t know, AdBlock silently removes all advertising and social buttons. The thing is – those ads pay my salary, as well as the other full time editors, professionals writers, and dedicated server costs that make MakeUseOf what it is. We believe strongly in a free content model – whereby we provide free, high quality, full content to you with no restrictions – in exchange for showing you advertising. Apologies if you think my definition of free is defective, but you’re arguing over semantics and kind of missing the point.

What makes me angry about the AdBlock plugin is that the author – while happy to destroy our revenue stream – is also profiteering from the very same free content model by asking for PayPal donations when the plugin is installed. Talk about hypocrisy.

I disagree with the last part, and hope that all gazillion of my dear readers click over there and improve the revenue stream, as well as send a donation via Pay-Pal, which is also evil, to your favorite bloggers and writers and website proprietors, all of whom are very supportive of this site, which is also evil, for the sake of consistency and the hobgoblins amongst us.

For the record I use Ghostery, No-Script, and HTTPS Everywhere on this ‘ere browser, so when you get to the sites I’ve linked tell them I sent you, but I’m bashful and didn’t let them know I was there, will ya? Thanks in advance. For those of you really interested in this stuff, there is teh Google.