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Mubarak Reportedly Completes Wealth Transfer

Koo Coup Ka Choo Apparently the report hangs on this article from BBC,

Hossan Badrawi, secretary general of the National Democratic Party (NDP), said Mr Mubarak would “most probably” speak to the nation soon.

who follows with

Our correspondent, who spoke to Mr Badrawi, says the 25 January movement – the day when the protests began – will see this as a great victory.


Update: CNBC informs me they have got their rumor from Pravda The NYTimes.

Update II: Известия WaPo too.

Update III: Oh the verbosity of it all.

Update IV: John King at CNN reports that a US official has made the rumor an official rumor.

Update: V: John Bolton on FOX reiterates his former reiterations.

Update VI: Larry Kudlow explores the profound implications of rumors on the market.

Oops wrong post.

Update VII:According to CNN Obama is watching TV too monitoring the situation.

Update VIII: FOX News Reiterates what it has reiterated for your re-edification.

Update IX: CNN showed footage of Leon Panetta spilling the beans in Congressional testimony.

Update X: I regret no posting from AJE, I am traveling and as such have no internet access and must post using telekinesis, which is limited to the lower 48 contiguous states of America.

Update XI: Judith Miller is reporting on the situation for FOX in an attempt to de-legitimize the network.

Update XII: CNN reports Egyptian military will takeover power from civilian government. This not a coup. “This is sort of like a coup, but we don’t like the connotations of the word, so it isn’t that.” Lawyers are reportedly working on the problem.

Update XIII: AJE tractor reports the Egyptian military stopped Mubarak speech handing power to Suleiman and that they are stepping in “to safeguard the country.”

Senior military official tell demonstrators their demands will be met.

Update XIV: FOX reports they are waiting on President Obama’s report on the reported rumors.

Update XV: According to CNN Information Minister denies Mubarak stepping down. (Baghdad Bob Jr?)

Update XVI:

The Internet On A Chip

Embrace your outer chaos,

Embracing chaos just might help physicists build a quantum brain. A new study shows that disorder can enhance the coupling between light and matter in quantum systems, a find that could eventually lead to fast, easy-to-build quantum computers.

This could have serious ramifications for the Internet.

In fact I posted this next Monday.

The speed of light, 0 to 186,000 miles per second in one second.

May the photon be with you.

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