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I went to see Crosby, Stills and Nash last night at the Woodlands, a belated B’day present, and they put on an awesome show. The last big show I went to was Yes’ Tourmato tour, having let life and times get in the way I suppose. Besides out here in Podunk they haven’t had a top line acts pass through since the Big Band era, which David probably knows more about than you might think. That jazz isn’t weird shit.

I sat next to an a fellow, in sec 107, row K, who had been an Army officer in the 70’s so it was a full circle moment for my g-g-generation. Quite a few young peeps too. Anyway I noted a riff in “Almost Cut My Hair” was sampled in “Sweet Home Alabama” which is always a delight to find and hear. The fellow had served in Alabama so I, being verbose in person as well as in blog, observed that Southerners might be a little more religious and conservative in general terms, but for the most part I have found them pretty much the same as people from everywhere else in America. Henry Thoreau’s observation holds true everywhere, “I am and American, I was not born to be forced.”

Anyway the second encore they made the crowd sing “Teach Your Children Well”, and so on behalf of the good people of Houston Texas, and the audience at the Pavillion, I want to say that they were a wonderful band, and I hope we passed the audition.