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Math Classes In Session

You drink it.

It’s not budget season in Washington if Republicans and Democrats aren’t upping the ante on imperious bromides about the deficit, and reporters aren’t nudging those politicians toward the only acceptable solution to those budgetary woes: destroying entitlements.

Tools of the tirade.

“A one trillion reduction is insignificant,” Sessions insists. “This is nowhere near what’s necessary to avoid the fiscal nightmare that this nation is facing. … It doesn’t touch any of the entitlements, it only has some reductions in the discretionary accounts.”

Why it barely approaches the insignificant $3 trillion dollars wasted on Iraq liberation Senator.

So what is leadership? Apparently it’s House Republicans, who recently proposed a bit under $100 billion in discretionary spending cuts this year. Multiply this by 10 and you approach $1 trillion. That’s leadership! Just not when Obama does it.

“Even the $100 billion house proposal in reducing spending will amount to $1 trillion,” Sessions said. “And that’s a step!”

Never has a short pier needed such a long walker.

Is "Fucking Idiots," Too Rude?

Just wondering,

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) asked for unanimous consent today that the Senate take up and adopt a resolution submitted by Senators Ted Kaufmann (D-DE) and John Kyl (R-AZ). The non-binding resolution expresses the sense of the Senate on the freedom of press, speech and expression in Iran.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman (D-CA) and Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) introduced a separate resolution in the House yesterday on Iran, “expressing support for all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties and rule of law.”

I’m sure that the strategic thinking of the said FIs doesn’t include the strategic thinking being thunk here.

Conceivably, Hu would have discussed the Iran situation with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev during his official visit to Moscow that followed the SCO summit. Earlier, Moscow welcomed Ahmadinejad’s re-election. Both China and Russia abhor “color” revolutions, especially something as intriguing as Twitter, which Moscow came across a few months ago in Moldova and raises hackles about the US’s interventionist global strategy.

It doesn’t matter what you think or feel about what is going on in Iran, all any official response will do is piss off the Iranians, and possibly the Russians and Chinese, to no purpose other than grandstanding the me tooisms of the US Congress.

Nothing New About The News

A short history of the newspaper bidness,

In other words, any exacting assessment of the actual performance of newspapers rated against the twaddle about the role of the Fourth Estate spouted by publishers and editors at their annual conventions would issue a negative verdict in every era. Of course there have been moments when a newspaper or a reporter could make fair claims to have done a decent job, inevitably eradicated by a panicky proprietor, a change in ownership, advertiser pressure, eviction of some protective editor or summary firing of the enterprising reporter. By and large, down the decades, the mainstream newspapers have—often rabidly—obstructed and sabotaged efforts to improve our social and political condition.

What many of us can only suspect, others in the business know. I like the, “newspapers should have no friends,” line, which is almost the antithesis of what the bubble boys call having access.

Update: et tu NPR?

I have been listening to NPR news programs for a bout 40 years. When I began listening NPR it was obvious that reporters and editors saw themselves as providing a PUBLIC alternative to mainstream (network) news. Now these folks see themselves as part of the mainstream…..They act accordingly. This sort of influence – which results from unconscious identification rather than conscious choice – is both more insidious and more dangerous than conscious and direct pay-for-play corruption.

The other side of the coin is listening to Oh?Really? and other high profile and well paid “journalists” denouncing the “Mainstream Media.”