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The Politics Of Defense

Rachel Maddow unravels a rather nasty aspect of the conservative power elites, directed at whites, and putting them on the defensive against the scary black man, but in fact the thrust of the ideology also works on the economics of taxation, and government spending, and perhaps plays into having a military industrial complex that costs more than all the other militaries in the world combined.

It is the fear of illegal immigrants taking away jobs that are not being created anyway.

Then look at these charts of job creation, income and debt, you have to wonder just how to break through these defenses for conservatives own good, and ours.

And that is why this is going to happen in August, because it is stars and stripes time.

I fixed the time stamp.

Rep. Steve King Wears Religion On His Sleeve


Rep. Steve King (R-IA), for example, tweeted immediately on Tuesday morning, after the Sherrod case hit the news, that many Pigford claims amount to fraud:

Shirley Sharrod fired by Vilsack 4 racism in her USDA position. America needs to know that, not all, but billion$ of Pigford Farms is fraud.