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Yeah, Right

Like these guys have a clue.

Top aides on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue say 2010 will be the year of fiscal responsibility, even if President Obama has to battle with progressive Democrats to make cuts they won’t like.

We’ll probably make some cuts you don’t like either.

Best as I can remember most Democrats were happy with Clinton’s fiscal policies, so to threaten progressive with a return to prosperity in eight years …

Democratic Boobs Blow Mamogram Screening

CNN informs me that the Senate bill follows the idiocy of the commission earlier.

(Ok edits are done.)

So what do we call these people? Doctors without patients? Just wondering.

Churning The Manure In The War On Terra

I am totally shocked! Shocked I tell ya!

How could the Ft Hood terrorist slip past the Bush Administration all those years?!!

I can be asinine about it too, but the fact of the matter is that terrorists, murderers and the homeless all fall through some net or crack. Bruce Schneier has mentioned it so often as to grate having to post this at all.

If conservatives wish to have any relativity it would behove them to rejoin reality. This is a protracted problem they exacerbate with their own rhetoric and policies, duly wrapped in the flag. These are religious thugs or lunatics seeking power or martyrdom which is found in slaying of innocents in large numbers without the imprimatur of state sanction. It has no sovereignty.

Hiding behind the skirt of a President elected thirty years ago to confront a different enemy and economy is a waste of time to listen to as it is the same boiler plate we’ve heard since then. We don’t live in that world and it isn’t coming back, but being upset with your world and your success, now that’s just lame.

I would ask how cutting taxes on job creators is going to help America when you have sent all of the job creation industry overseas? Nothing can be built, all must be cut or destroyed, at home or abroad.