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Yeah, Right

Oil prices rise $1.34 because the US Navy sinks a cigar boat.

Then, in an alternative universe where supply and demand rules…

Cool. Sunspots

Or how bad astronomy can lead to good fears,

But astronomers have just made an important breakthrough in solar observations that links the way the gas under the Sun’s surface behaves with the way sunspots form. This is very cool and exciting news!

Imagine for a moment that I detonate a bomb under the ocean’s surface. This would cause a rising bubble of steam as well as a big displacement of water. By observing the way the water moves on the surface of the ocean, I can figure out a lot about how deep the bomb was, how big the explosions was, and so on. I don’t even need a bomb to do this, really; currents under the ocean’s surface distort the water above them as well, generating waves and motions that can reveal what’s going on at lower depths

Over at Asia Times, Kim Myong Chol, the “unofficial spokesman for Kim Jong-il,” has an article entitled, Nuclear war is Kim Jong-il’s game plan

“Four types of hydrogen bomb raids
The game plan for nuclear war specifies four types of thermonuclear assault: (1) the bombing of operating nuclear power stations; (2) detonations of a hydrogen bombs in seas off the US, Japan and South Korea; (3) detonations of H-bombs in space far above their heartlands; and (4) thermonuclear attacks on their urban centers.

As you can see the information is only tangentially related, which is what you have to do if you wanna be a blogger, and since journalist don’t do tangents, I’ll leave to add two and three to come up zeroed.

In Defense Of The National Honor

North Korea reminds the world that it will not be ignored, nor will it be mocked any longer about it’s technical and scientific prowess. Unsettling as it is, it is a good reminder to the world of the dangers of nuclear weapons. We’ve all got to get along here.

Much as I regret the detonation, if it leads to a stable nuclear free Korean peninsula then good on that. I can only imagine how many lives were saved by the success, and congratulate one and all for keeping their heads.

The Nexus Of Evil

Josh has post up looking for the connection

Really, where the torture scandal could break open is the exact nexus of who actually authorized the program and Cheney’s frantic efforts to get information linking Saddam Hussein to the Iraq war.

This led me to look here which has the timelines of both incidents.

I think that in order for us to open the torture case up too wide it will start involving foreign powers that will really have a greater impact than any of the US memos being bandied about. Hence the need to keep it quiet.

It also has time lines for all sorts of other interesting scandals that the US government has been incapable of pursuing, and the information is all from reliable media accounts and reports.

You may wish to indulge yourself if you want to find out why your flag decals won’t get you into heaven any more. I’m sure most of you will opt for the ignorance is bliss defense.

A Bunch Of Two Faced Sneaks And One Anonymous Guy

Fear and loathing in New Washorkington City

But the New York Times is only one front in the new campaign. On the same day as Anonymous Guy was working his militarist mojo, McClatchy Newspapers fired off a resounding fusillade of largely unnamed “experts” from the military-security apparat, all of them, remarkably enough, with the same message: Pakistan is falling to the Muslim kooks who want them nukes.

Well we must speak to the many one thing, but the few are only seeking power, which can’t be stated as such, so we are regaled YA with happy horseshit, God and country, (two things which must also be publicly espoused while privately disdained,) oh yeah, and apple pie. Don’t forget the apple pie.

Nope, No Empire Here Either

So what’s the exit strategy Kenneth?

Set aside for a moment the dire circumstances in Pakistan that drive this request. This enormous pool of money — the first installment in a $3 billion, five-year plan — accelerates a pattern in U.S. foreign policy: turning to the military to solve problems that have traditionally been handled by civilian agencies.

Options for Obama in Pakistan Are Limited

U.S. is fighting extremists through an army over which it has little control and allied with a government in which it has little confidence.