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Tenth Amendment You Can Believe In

How the federal government weasels it’s way into your liberty and freedoms,

Gov. Rick Perry’s persistent refusal to implement ‘Obamacare’ in the name of states’ rights might further endear him to the GOP base. But if states’ rights is the goal, his strategy is counterproductive as it’s providing the Obama administration more power over Texas.

The latest chapter in this story, as NPR reports, is Perry slow-walking the law’s probe of insurance company rate hikes, known as rate review. The move could similarly turn over his administration’s authority to police insurance company practices to the federal government.

Yeah, and if we triple the number of federal ICE agents on the border, then we can bitch about the size of the federal government.

Fortunately no one will notice – until it’s too late.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) office responded late Tuesday to TPM’s article on his administration’s slow-walking of an Affordable Care Act provision, a move that could potentially turn over the authority to the federal government.

Why Is Engineering Non Stimulative?

I understand the politics of saying you want an immediate impact from a stimulus. Infrastructure projects aren’t just what is there when it’s done, however. Someone has to shoot the lines and someone else has to determine where those lines are. Of course allocating money to cities and towns to tear down and dispose of abandoned and dangerous properties to prepare for future growth, (creative destruction,)yada yada yada.

How To Make The $75 Million Anti Smoking Provision Stimulate The Economy

Send out sound advice in written form to printers who will have to buy ink and paper, or send out sound advice in written form to video advertisers who will have to buy staging and pay actors or spokes peeps to front the sound advice.

ED:Traded an s for an e.