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The Fate Of The Gulf Oil Spill

Beyond blowing a source for information on the Gusher in the Gulf at C-SPAN, I thought I should inform you dear reader of a book by Charles Wohlforth, The Fate of Nature, which you can send to me after you’ve read it.

He pointed out that there was a boom after the Exxon Valdez accident that actually pulled Alaska out of recession because of the massive spending to clean up that disaster, which if it doesn’t divide the people of coastal towns, should help alleviate some of the economic impact on the area, so please look into it so you don’t sound like a dumb ass calling C-SPAN after the next spill.

Tangentially the massive spending pulled Alaska out of a recession. Hmmm., Wonder if that can scale? I am not sure that Mr. Wohlforth believes in Torah either, but I will email Senator Schumer to see if that is tangential to your behavior, or just some off the wall bullshit of mine for my audience.