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No One Could Have Predicted

I’ll leave it to people that have actually read a book on China to put two,

China warned Japan to respect its “indisputable sovereignty” over a string of islands in the East China Sea both countries lay claim to Wednesday. Japan summoned the Chinese ambassador in Tokyo as three Chinese patrol boats approached the islands.

and two together,

In 2002, United Technologies Corporation was coming off its most profitable year ever. The various units of UTC, which owns businesses ranging from helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky to Otis (“the world’s leading manufacturer, installer, and maintainer of elevators”), had a net income of $1.9 billion off $27.8 billion in sales in 2001. Pratt & Whitney, the aircraft engine unit of UTC, was poised to bring in billions more from defense contracts, supplying the engines for Lockheed-Martin’s F-22 Raptor, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, and the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III cargo plane.

The Defense Budget Is Foreign Aid

Paul Krugman’s “Eat The Future” column brings out some interesting statistics on spending cuts that we the wee people want,

That’s the lesson from a new survey by the Pew Research Center, in which Americans were asked whether they favored higher or lower spending in a variety of areas. It turns out that they want more, not less, spending on most things, including education and Medicare. They’re evenly divided about spending on aid to the unemployed and — surprise — defense.

The only thing they clearly want to cut is foreign aid, which most Americans believe, wrongly, accounts for a large share of the federal budget.

Like stashing nuclear weapons research in the Education Department to obscure the fact that it is defense related spending, Defense spending in foreign nations to maintain troop levels and facilities using local, non American labor, has a multiplier effect in all 200 odd nations that the empire benign democratic grandfather has operations in.

That is US taxpayers subsidizing foreign nations under the guise of maintaining the empire Pax Americana.

There is some logic in having Australian shipyards fabricating Naval vessel hull components and assembling those components somewhere else so as to confuse magnetic signatures, if we ever get into another war like WWII, which according to the nuclear doctrine of MAD shouldn’t happen, but who knows, maybe some nation spending a tenth, or hundredth, of what the US does for defense will think to themselves, “Hey! We can do this!”

Which is why we need to cut Pell Grants and such, because college kids might notice this stuff and say, “WTF!”

Business As Usual

The none of my concern business model,

PEOPLE DON’T LIKE WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW. A Newsweek poll (2/19) found that people don’t like Obama’s health care reform proposal until they learn what is in the bill. When asked whether they favored or opposed Obama’s plan, 40% said they favored it and 49% said they opposed it. The requirement that insurance companies cover anyone, including those with pre-existing conditions, gets 76% approval; the requirement that most businesses offer health insurance to their employees, with tax incentives for small businesses, gets 75% approval; the creation of an exchange where people can compare plans and buy insurance at competitive rates gets 81% approval; even the requirement that all Americans have health insurance, with the government providing help for those who can’t afford it, gets 59% approval, though fines for individuals who don’t obtain coverage is opposed by 62% and a tax on insurers who offer the most expensive “Cadillac” health plans is opposed by 55%. And after hearing that those are parts of Obama’s health plan, poll respondents ended up approving 48% to 43%.

Oh, when you put it like that….