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This May Be The Disco

I’ve often thought of the human race as giant disco ball, individual facets of an expanding ball I orbit, except when I go polar it looks like a fuse, so I avoid matches, made in ether as well as heaven, even though the fuse is already lit and the ball is on fire, so I don’t go polar.

Same Six Marriage Supporters Oppose Same Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage supporters trumpet church’s fundraising, door-knocking efforts against it.

Because America can never be weird enough.

Would Have Been Very Effective In WW2

How will this not piss everyone in town off?

It adds: “The enhanced blast from the … warhead is more effective against non-traditional targets; multi-room structures expected in military operations in urban terrain operations, caves, and fortified bunkers.”

Unless I’ve got it wrong, people not living in NY City don’t like this stuff either. Think people, think.

There’s Always More To The Story

The answer must be in the details, why would anyone hide it in the big picture?

To be sure, the Van Meegeren story raises many, many questions.

Deep Thought

The stimulus is more like voltage than current.

Having Already Done More By Accident

Than you do all day on purpose…Sounds better at maximum volume.

Eat Me

On occasion when traveling through farm land have you ever noticed that some fields, not all by any means, have a distinction of line and perfection of form that one would usually associate with art?


My faith informs me that all men and women are made in the image of G-d. You can hang a lot of peace, love and granola on that. Science informs me that peace, love and granola followed a lot of monkey business, but only in this dimension, and only so far as we know. My newspapers inform me that not all people share those thoughts. They imply that nations lie in their own self interests.

Whether you are black, white, brown, yellow, or red, no matter your nationality, sex, orientation, creed or belief, in my religion you were all created by G-d in His own image, for his own good purposes. Anyone who disparages one of these, disparages the maker of that one, anyone who hates one of these hates the maker of that

I Can Buy That

Trust but dissect,

Recent studies have indicated that most Christian evangelicals now support Israel because they recognize Israel as a strong ally of the United States.

Fine with me,

And, because they are proud, patriotic Americans, they want the US and Israel to stand together against the common threats facing both countries.

Being proud patriotic Americans ain’t got nothin’ to with nothin’. Common as in, to both nations, as opposed to those who oppose Likud,

Only a small minority are focused on support for Israel in order to hasten Armageddon and the end of days. Many pastors with whom I’ve spoken tell me that while the end of days theology is part and parcel of Christian belief, no action by men (or women) can hasten Armageddon; only G-d can do that.

I agree completely, but worry about numerology, gnosticism etc etc in the Christian faith, while understanding its’ place in religious experience.

In Defense Of The National Honor

North Korea reminds the world that it will not be ignored, nor will it be mocked any longer about it’s technical and scientific prowess. Unsettling as it is, it is a good reminder to the world of the dangers of nuclear weapons. We’ve all got to get along here.

Much as I regret the detonation, if it leads to a stable nuclear free Korean peninsula then good on that. I can only imagine how many lives were saved by the success, and congratulate one and all for keeping their heads.

The Lies of Purity

“Conservatism is conservatism,” Ms. Cheney said. “Republicans have led the nation to greatness when they’ve been true to fundamental principles, such as a strong national defense, limited government and low taxes. None of those are things President Obama believes in.”

I won’t even get into the greatness thing, I’ll just point out again that Reagan couldn’t have deployed the Pershing missiles if Carter hadn’t pushed the system through Congress. Limited government is just hyperbole. Governments expand and contract with the need to exert sovereignty. I want a government limited to being as big as it needs to be to serve the public good, instead of being taxidermed by incompetence due to disdain for the property rights of others under the guise conservatism. Low taxes doesn’t mean no taxes. Only bloggers work for free.

That’s why they call it hype.

Communism Fails Under Peaceful Conditions Again

Look at what Pax Romana and administrative fees on loans did to the early church.