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Saturday, August 05, 2006

This Isn’t Your Father’s Israeli War

I’m glad that someone turns on Fox news so I don’t have to. I will always be amused at how wrong the Kristol’s, and Krauthammer’s of the Punditboro and the Woolsey’s and Gingrich cogs manage to get foriegn affairs so wrong, so often, and yet they still have an audience of intelligent readers, and viewers. The only explaination is that the American people really are that stupid, and probably deserve to run out of chain on their run and get jerked back on their asses like an ignorant pup. Given the ease with which Americans got suckered into Iraq, Israel is no problem, provided that the people of America get to sit behind a sandwich and a screen, vicariously experiencing the trauma of war, without the smells and sounds of course. But son’t worry, the MSM™ don’t want those wretched smells to get between you and your baloney in pursuit of bread, sandwich.

I bet Billmon was quoted wide and far on this one.

It seems increasingly probable that that war will come soon — perhaps as early as November or December, although more likely next year. Israel’s failure to knock out Hizbullah with a rapid first strike has left the neocons even deeper in the hole, enormously ratcheting up the pressure to try to recoup all losses by taking the war to Damascus and Tehran.

In other words, it’s almost time for the ultimate “flight forward” — the one that finally pushes the Middle East into World War III.

What’s become clear to me is that the Democratic Party (even it’s allegedly anti-war wing) will not try to stop this insanity, and in fact will probably be led as meekly to the slaughter as it was during the runup to the Iraq invasion. Watching the Dems line up to salute the Israeli war machine, hearing the uncomfortable and awkward silence descend on most of Left Blogistan once the bombs started falling in Lebanon, seeing how easily the same Orwellian propaganda tricks worked their magic on the pseudoliberals — all this doesn’t leave too much room for doubt. As long as World War III can be sold as protecting the security and survival of the Jewish state, I suspect the overwhelming majority of Democrats, or at least the overwhelming majority of Democratic politicians, will support it.

And it is being sold, ferociously. A number of wealthy pro-Israel donors, including Ronald Lauder, the perfume heir, have given millions to something called the Israel Project — a “public education” cum PR cum grassroots lobbying machine — to fund a program specificially aimed at building support for a military strike on Iran. You can’t turn on Fox News these days without finding James Woolsey or Newt Gingrich or Bill Kristol or some other pro-Israel mouthpiece demanding war with Syria and/or Iran, and painting it as the only way to stop the rockets falling on Haifa.

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Road to Peace

When the last child lays mangled
mauled by a thousand ancient hates
will you turn a blind eye to your desire?
Your race towards death has been won
and the victory secured, shudder
that you still walk the earth unhindered
by wisdom, devoid of any hope.

Far be it for me to advise anyone what they should feel about the worlds common demise, but let me at least point it out.

Be careful, oh son of man, for the blood you shed is your own, the haterd you espouse is for your ownself, and the idols of your profanity are your undoing. Seek peace now, if you can, before the outstrretched hand of your greed touches the eyeball of the living God.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dancing Madly Backwards…On a Sea of Blood

Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo has a pretty sickening prospect;

But there are persistent signs that the US is egging Israel on to bring the war to Damascus.

Here’s a clip from the end of an article today in the Jerusalem Post …

[Israeli]Defense officials told the Post last week that they were receiving indications from the United States that the US would be interested in seeing Israel attack Syria.

And there are other ominous indications of the US pressing for expansion the Israelis don’t seem to want.

You may want to blow the electon dust off the link to his Washington Monthly article too.

Nasarallah’s Background

I found this to be an informative piece from Asia Times on the leader of Hizb’ullah;

1975, when he was only 15, Nasrallah joined the ranks of the Lebanese Shi’ite movement Amal – which Hezbollah broke from after its creation in 1982 – led by Musa al-Sadr.

From 1976 to 1978 he was sent to study in Najaf, Iraq, at the famed Shi’ite seminary the Hawze. There he met most of his mentors, starting with Iranian ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979) and also his tutor, ayatollah Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr (Muqtada al-Sadr’s father). He also was in close contact with Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani (the leading Shi’ite spiritual force in Iraq today).

And finally, he was groomed by future Hezbollah leader Abbas al-Musawi, whom he succeeded after Musawi was killed by the Israelis in 1992. Those two years in Najaf definitely left a huge imprint on Nasrallah’s psyche.

The article contains the usual biases that seem to be the human constant. I think it is one thing to have prejudices and express them in an article and another thing to let these prejudices become defacto truths spread by media conglomerates in support of governmental policies. Of course knowingly having these prejudices is a sign of an uneducated mind no matter how many letters get piled higher and deeper behind their names, which given what we read on the net from various and divergent sources, tends to belie the value of an education, or support perhaps, the notion that most of the elite have been educated beyond their intelligence.

Politicians, Buzzards and Rotting Flesh

Somewhere along the line the total disconnect that people in general, and Americans in particular, have between what they profess to believe and what they actually produce in pursuit of those “beliefs”, is going to be exposed to our minds, and not in the; “I see” said the blind man, as he picked up his hammer and saw, humorous way.

There is not going to be any peace in the Middle East. Liars do not seek peace, they seek their own advantage. Violence is the coin of the realm, and blood the fiat currency of exchange, with the presence of pubic hair as the distinction between debit and credit. Perhaps if the ruling elites would just line up and shoot all the children of the earth then we could dispense with the niceties of collateral damage reports, issued with the justifications and finger pointing that always accompanies them in the corporate reports issued by the US media.

The following is a later addition to the earlier post.

Why Good Countries Fight Dirty Wars In the LA Times;

During the English Civil War (1642-49), for instance, Puritan rebel officers led by that country’s future and only military dictator, Oliver Cromwell, discovered that keeping an army under control vis-a-vis civilians had a pragmatic as well as a moral side: It tended to gain the local population’s loyalty far faster and more effectively than either threats or long philosophical and political harangues.

Hmmm, looks like we have tried government by Round Heads/Christian Coalitions before.

EZSmirkzz 3.4.Z July 27,28 2006

Friday, July 28, 2006

A letter from Jerusalem

via Informed Comment this letter from Bishop Riah on the current crisis in the Middle East is worth a read.

I would only remind one and all that there are no saints involved in violence, whether in the Mideast or not. To the spiritually inclined it matters not too much which thugs are shooting what type of rocket into kindergardens and ambulances. One must state emphatically that they are no Christians, and if they claim to be so, they are liars. In the end, Augustine is wrong as well. There are no just wars.

Note: I changed one to wrong in my remark about Augustine, and I apologize to those whom I have offended.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

It Might Help to READ the BOOK!!

via Hullabalo, Media Matters reports Hardball, Fox & Friends hosted “Middle East analyst” whose chief experience is in “prophecy”

Matthews introduced Evans as the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team — a religious organization that invites potential members to “be a part of prophecy” by “pray[ing] for the peace of Jerusalem.” The group’s self-described mission is “[t]o guard, defend and protect the Jewish people, and the Eretz Yisrael [the land of Israel] until Israel is secure, and until the redeemer comes to Zion.”

It might help there fellows, if you would at least read the Bible and discern the meaning of the Jerusalem decending from Heaven, and how that might impact that one which resides on Earth, or distinquish between the Israel of the flesh and the Israel of the Spirit that the Apostle Paul has enumerated in Hebrews. It might help the religiously inclined to understand the blessing and the curse that Moses spoke, before he passed into sleep, If the early Israelis did not obey his voice.

They did not listen and so they received the curse. If one is to keep it purely theological, they were driven out of Eretz Yisrael by God using first the Assyrians on the Kingdom of Israel, and the Babylonians and Romans on the Kingdom of Judah. Since the Earth belongs to Jehovah, it is God alone whom will decide who will reside in that land. It was promised to Abraham and his seed, seed being in the singular, which would would again comport with Paul’s statements. The “Promised Land” belongs to the Christ, not the Israeli government, and not the tribes of Judah and Benjamin.

While the problem of non adherence to Christian teachings are obvious to non Christians, the root cause is that average Christians are ignorant of their own teachings, and thus easily warped and bent by the Christ mongers. This inspire’s those who do not believe to ridicule the faith, and so in their ignorance these seemingly well meaning people compound the errors of the very people that Christ has commissioned them to bring the good news to. Meddling in the affairs of the world then, has been counter productive and anti-Christ.

But you have read the Bible and know that there are many anti-Christs, as per the letter of John, don’t you? In theological terms, for Christians, there is only one Israel, the spiritual one. For those who have read Daniel then, I leave the discernment of the abomination of desolation standing where it ought to, to your own insights. Recall the beast in Revelation that gave life to the head that had received the death blow, and it began speaking grandious things?

These are some of the things that are giving good hearted Christian seekers that feeling of impending doom in current world events, and with good reason. And guess what? There is no way out of here.

I would encourage the religiously inclined to start studying the Book without the garbage of doctrines, dogmas and creeds to impede what should be a renewed effort to understand the outworking of God’s plan. As Christ said, the end times will come at a time and in way that no one expected, and the only way not to be surprised is to be prepared, like the seven wise virgins. Or you can continue to stumble around in the dark, blindly leading those who blindly follow until you all find the proverbial pit.

Reality out of Control

Via CounterPunch

Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley’s chief economist, on April 24 of this year wrote that a major financial crisis was in the offing and that the global institutions to forestall it– ranging from the IMF and World Bank to other mechanisms of the international financial architecture – were utterly inadequate. Hong Kong’s chief secretary in early June deplored the hedge funds’ risks and dangers. The IMF’s iconoclastic chief economist, Raghuram Rajan, at the same time warned that the hedge funds’ compensation structure encouraged those in charge of them to increasingly take risks, thereby endangering the whole financial system. By late June, Roach was even more pessimistic: “a certain sense of anarchy” dominated the academic and political communities, and they were “unable to explain the way the new world is working.” In its place, mystery prevailed. Reality was out of control.

This article looks at the decline of Capitalism into the modern quagmire of derivatives and hedge fund monkees. May be time to start converting fiat paper into metals of endurance, eh?

edited for spelling

How Democracy Works Today

The Return of the Israeli Military Censor by Gary Zatzman
July 26, 2006

Censorship Policy Regarding Fighting in the North

1. As of now, over 1,200 rockets have been fired at Israel; it is expected that this will continue.

2. Therefore, following are the Military Censor’s relevant guidelines:

a. The Military Censor will not approve reports regarding visits of Israeli Government and IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] officials in the north of Israel until the visits are over due to the clear connection between officials’
visits and missile attacks on the area in question.

b. The Military Censor will not approve reports on missile hits at IDF bases and/or strategic facilities.

c. The Military Censor will not approve reports on missiles that fall in the Mediterranean Sea.

d. The Military Censor will not approve reports on time periods when citizens are permitted to leave their shelters. Warnings of such times are utilized by the enemy for timing attacks.

e. Reporting on locations in which there are public defense and organizational difficulties should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Real-time reporting on the exact location of rocket hits must be strictly avoided!

While one souldn’t expect Geraldo’s Faux Neuter type reports…

The Diebold Bombshell

by David Dill, Doug Jones and Barbara Simons in Oped News dot com, via Truthout.

Recently, computer security expert Harri Hursti revealed serious
security vulnerabilities in Diebold’s software. According to Michael
Shamos, a computer scientist and voting system examiner in
Pennsylvania, “It’s the most severe security flaw ever discovered in a
voting system.”

Even more shockingly, we learned recently that Diebold and the State of
Maryland had been aware of these vulnerabilities for at least two
years. They were documented in analysis, commissioned by Maryland and
conducted by RABA Technologies, published in January 2004. For over
two years, Diebold has chosen not to fix the security holes, and
Maryland has chosen not to alert other states or national officials
about these problems.

Basically, Diebold included a “back door” in its software, allowing
anyone to change or modify the software. There are no technical
safeguards in place to ensure that only authorized people can make

Democracy my ass!!! Note to the Traditional Media™, Let’s see here…Florida 2000, Iraq 2002, Ohio 2004, (Insert your obviously anti democratic event in American government ignored by the MSM™ here) 2006.

The US: Too late for empire

By Jonathan Schell

(This article, which will appear in the August 14/21 issue of The Nation, is posted here with the permission of the editors of that magazine.)

The dilemma is reflected in microcosm in the news media, especially television – a process particularly on display in the failure to challenge the administration’s deceptive rationale for the Iraq war. The reasons for severe doubt were, at the very least, available before the war, and they were expounded in many places. More truthful, contrary voices could and did speak up, especially on the Internet, the freest of today’s media. But they were not widely heard. They were drowned out by the dominant voices in the mainstream, acceding to the deceptions of power and their variations and derivatives.

Like I was saying…
This article also appears in Antiwar’s posting today as well.

Blogs are opinion, the News is Propaganda

I had thought to just give up any blogging as the old spiral notebook still suffices as a journal, and it is a lot easier to sample from a non public source than from the semi autonomous blog, which may seem odd to non-writers who have in my opinion failed to realize how creative the human mind is, and that that includes their own minds. Anyway, most writers used to keep pads of paper around all the time so that an idea or turn of phrase may be jotted down before it gets lost in the incessant talking within ones own head.

I am more than a little amused at the fragile egos of the public punditry and professional writers who have decided that it was necessary to attack the blogs and bloggers for the having the temerity to criticise the MSM™, and Traditional Media™. Hey ya crybabies, some of us have suffered real personal damage from your efforts to succor the ruling elites, and to maintain some sort of lid on the growing democratic tendencies amongst the people. If anyone ever needed their asses kicked, for the most part, you in the national MSM do.