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Liberation Theology For Dummies

There are reasons Tertulian is less than honored among the orthodox,

But on this very account, perhaps, we are regarded as having less claim to be held true brothers, that no tragedy makes a noise about our brotherhood, or that the family possessions, which generally destroy brotherhood among you, create fraternal bonds among us. One in mind and soul, we do not hesitate to share our earthly goods with one another. All things are common among us but our wives. We give up our community where it is practiced alone by others, who not only take possession of the wives of their friends, but most tolerantly also accommodate their friends with theirs, following the example, I believe, of those wise men of ancient times, the Greek Socrates and the Roman Cato, who shared with their friends the wives whom they had married, it seems for the sake of progeny both to themselves and to others; whether in this acting against their partners’ wishes, I am not able to say.

But this is not it.

It would be nice if Christians would at least look into the early years of the church, but it would be nice if they had read the Gospels and Acts too.

Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus, anglicised as Tertullian (ca. 160 – ca. 220 A.D.)[1], was a prolific early Christian author from Carthage in the Roman province of Africa.[2] He is the first Christian author to produce an extensive corpus of Latin Christian literature. He also was a notable early Christian apologist and a polemicist against heresy. Tertullian has been called “the father of Latin Christianity”.[3]

And Then Bill Gates Walked Into The Room

I know the averages of public private sector incomes, can I have the mean?

Maxwell Notsosmart

Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC)

Everybody is assigned their own secret-agent mission in life. At times the tricky part, the hard part, is finding out what that secret-agent mission is. Some of us do it early, some of us do it later in life.

I think Max took off his shoe to phone home Governor.

One Day I Bruised A Polyanna

When the p wee-weed, a complicated screed …