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Coulson Knew – Hacker’s R Us


In written evidence given to the home affairs select committee and published for the first time today, Paul McMullan, a former features executive and investigative journalist at the title, said former editor Coulson “knew a lot of people” used the technique when Coulson worked at sister paper the Sun. He joined the News of the World in 2003, where he worked alongside McMullan for 18 months.

McMullan said: “As he sat a few feet from me in the [News of the World] newsroom he probably heard me doing it, laughing about it … and told others to do it”.

To think an Egyptian State Television reporter quit because she couldn’t tell the truth, while the American standard is tell the story you want to tell, truth be damned, hacking it out of peoples’ phones, email accounts or dare we say, right out of the boxen, tends to put that sort of telling the story you want into the proper light.