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So You Want To Throttle Me Down Do You?

Hit me with your best shot.I only looked into it because I saw it on Democracy Now!.

Meanwhile, you can help out here, which is like supporting this blog, Dick Destiny Only Comes Out At Night digs into his noisy side. He is an interesting person.

(I edited this to take the prattle out.)

12.9 Billion Year Old Quasar Boggles Mother Universe

“You can;t be older than your ma,”

Due to the amount of time it would take for light from the quasar to reach the earth (allowing researchers to see it), it gives a window dating back an estimated 12.9 billion years. Since the quasar is incredibly bright, astronomers were able to take a spectrum of it (splitting its light into component colors), they were able to “find out quite a lot about the quasar,” according to the press release.

It adds, however, that the age of the quasar poses some difficult questions. The spectrum revealed the black hole at the center of the quasar, with a mass of two billion suns, doesn’t quite match up with the Big Bang theory.

“This very high mass is hard to explain so early on after the Big Bang. Current theories for the growth of supermassive black holes predict a slow build-up in mass as the compact object pulls in matter from its surroundings,” it states.

That’s heavy.

Socialism Really Does Work

Look at the United States, which as pointed out in the article via The Big Picture,

The federal government, in ways explicit and implicit, profoundly subsidizes and shelters the banking industry. True since the 1930s, it is much more so today. And that makes Mr. Dimon no capitalist colossus astride the Isle of Manhattan, but one of the great welfare queens in America.

There are those who think de-regulation is a panacea, but what it in effect does is allows those who depend on the US Treasury and US taxpayers to make their businesses viable, by guaranteeing deposits, and assets entrusted to these businesses.

That we should lend, and they should expect, that the government put no strings on those guarantees is ludicrous. No one else in their right mind would even consider it, yet we have Wall Street tools insisting that not having these regulations on those businesses is “laissez-faire”, free market capitalism.

Convincing public, or those in office of the obvious should not be difficult, yet it is our age an impossibility. It is as plain as the nose on your face.

That socialist system by the way financed the greatest economic expansion in the history of the world, and certain elements in society are going to destroy it all, and for what?

MSNBC Suspended The Wrong Person

Good English Joe,

Halperin has apologized, and has been “suspended indefinitely.” Scarborough, of course, blamed a producer for not hitting the delay button, instead of … blaming the person who actually said it.

According to Scarborough, there had been a mishap with the seven-second delay button — a new executive producer apparently didn’t know how it worked. “You are supposed to know how to do the job,” Scarborough said of his producer. “I would tell you what I think of him, but he doesn’t know what button to push.”

Emphasis mine.I’m sure that cobbled up thinking has become ingrained in the American media, but for the rest of us English speakers, Joe, that doesn’t make any *sense. At all.

(Halperinian slip deleted.)(* Also too)

When Relity Mugs Reality

I hate it when that happens. Grandma eats cat food so billionaire banksters can sell fraudulent securities and then be socialists for a just little while, that little while being when they slide large amounts of graft lucre campaign contributions into honest civic minded corrupt politicians and slidebusiness opportunities corporate insider information to Supreme Court justices that rule that they have a right to free cash speech with which to corrupt politicians and the morals and ethics of the people, and pass their crappy business loses of on the people that actually do stuff.

Now in this surreal environment the people want the wealthy to pay taxes instead of selling Mt. Rushmore to Native Americans for twelve dollars worth of My Space stock and an “endeavor to persevere” to be named later. This will allow the banksters to reprise their famous crashing of the global economy, the encore performance of dollars to toughnuts babay.

The people could explode in outrage at being totally ripped off, but they know that the police state in waiting is looking for a reason to show its’ ugly mug, which strangely looks a lot like Dick Cheney hunting with friends, although they goose step instead of carrying goose guns. They would like very much to shoot someone in the face to preserve the peace. Tase ’em bro!

Newspaper hacks and TIME magazine writers and editors coarsen the public dialog sounding like bloggers who all work in corners of reality advocating for things like the public good and a better society, except for the right wing blogs which look for lucre from the police statists by mimicking the Federalist Uber Deciders, or FUDs, who control one and half political partays and thus up is out and down is in and God loves him some America. (You heard that here first, so send me lots and lots of money, because that way I can say I am a clever boy.)

Preachers informed their parishioners that early Christianity failed because they were also socialists and socialists are bad because they share their stuff and feed the poor and hungry, and feed cats cat food and grandma baby food, because she lost her teeth smoking legal cigarettes which was protected by free speech, so instead of listening to Apostles and Prophets it would be better to listen to some off the wall BS written a thousand years ago by people who knew Jesus and Moses, and they really didn’t know much apparently, once you get past laws and sublimity of phrase and thought anyway. Who you gonna believe some guy that was executed by the religious state when he was thirty, or some guy that spent seventy years thinking of ways to say blessed is me for I have found God, and He has found me and in this gossamer web of metaphysics, where we have built a new heaven and a new Earth, and for a price you can come here too, because God also loves him the rich people too, except of course his boy, who died dirt poor, proving that the exception proves the rule.

A Crack In TDSS

I was slow getting around to this, because, well, because I’m busy doing other things, and it is on Slashdot too, and since I don’t have an account at either site because, well because I don’t need another password to remember, I have to post this here, because well, because that’s what I do. Anyway the last link is from the first link, so all the link stuff is taken care of, because, well that’s the way the intertubes work,

The malware detected by Kaspersky Anti-Virus as TDSS is the most sophisticated threat today. TDSS uses a range of methods to evade signature, heuristic, and proactive detection, and uses encryption to facilitate communication between its bots and the botnet command and control center. TDSS also has a powerful rootkit component, which allows it to conceal the presence of any other types of malware in the system.

So anyway a commenter there noticed that,

In corporate environment, a http/https proxy is often (almost always) used. Proxies do the DNS name request and not individual desktops.

My question : does TDL4 malware try to do direct HTTPS access to its C C server first before eventualy try the corporate proxy ? If so, TLD4 infected PCs can be detected in corporate DNS server logs.

Every DNS request to resolv Internet domains coming from PCs and not corporate proxies can be interpreted as signals on infection on that PCs.

Am I right or totally wrong (I think I am wrong … too simple solution to be the right one but I ask …) ?

Thank you for your reading and answer 🙂

Re: TDLx detection DNS
Surprise! You are right) So you can detect tdl4 connections over proxy.

Anyway I finally got around to posting something you dear readers can use, because, well, that’s just the way I am.

Arse Sniffers Report

For nosey noses, anal retents, and various and sundries. What’s on your mind?

Update: Oh Canada. Not what you would think, I think.

I Hope No One Is Standing Back

and looking at Americans.The largest prison system in the world for what, 5% of the world’s population, half of us are up in arms over government surveillance, hate big government but spends trillions per year on a military that protects the business interests of the companies that are spying on you too.

But that’s A-Otay! I gotta job! There has to be God, no one else would think you worth saving.

Retard Nation

For the symbolically challenged, graphs!

To The Point On The Deficit

Looking back on Paul Ryan’s love’s labor lost,

I know—the folks taking this position don’t really care about deficits and debt. Heck, the same House Republicans stonewalling on the debt ceiling all voted for the Rep Ryan’s budget which requires the debt ceiling to go up by trillions–that’s right: by supporting the Ryan budget, they already implicitly voted to increase the ceiling!

If the negotiations break down it will be because Republicans are not negotiating in good faith. It really is that simple.

Nine Meals Away From A Revolution

And all I get is the baloney.

In the hours before an evening meeting with President Obama, and in a number of different venues, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell renewed his insistence that Republicans will not accept any tax increases as part of a trillion-dollar deficit reduction package the GOP is demanding before agreeing to let the country pay all its bills on time.

Of course the whole world’s watching America now because, to twist Hamilton, that’s what they do,

This is a story of debt, delusion and – potentially – disaster. For America and, if you happen to think that American influence is broadly a good thing, for the world.

The debt and the delusion are both all-American: $14 trillion (£8.75tn) of debt has been amassed and there is no cogent plan to reduce it.

Which I suppose is what we do,

Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations acknowledges that this structural commitment to future debt is not unique to the United States. All advanced democracies have more or less the same problem, he says, “but in the case of the States the figures are absolutely enormous”.

Mr Haass, a former senior US diplomat, is leading an academic push for America’s debt to be taken seriously by Americans and noticed as well by the rest of the world.

Yes, yes,

David Frum is a Republican intellectual and a former speech writer to President George W Bush.

He told me the problem, and the solution, were actually rather simple: “If I tell you you have a disease that will absolutely prostrate you and it could be prevented by taking a couple of aspirin and going for a walk, well I guess the situation isn’t apocalyptic is it?

“The things that America has to do to put its fiscal house in order are not anywhere near as extreme as what Europe has to do. The debt is not a financial problem, it is a political problem.”


Mr Frum believes that a future agreement to cut spending – he thinks America spends much too big a proportion of its GDP on health – and raise taxes, could very quickly bring the debt problem down to the level of quotidian normality.

But couldn’t putting people to work raise taxes by raising the number of people paying taxes? And ending the wars would reduce spending, so if we did them both at the same time we could maintain spending and reduce unemployment and raise tax revenues, and golly Wally, that is almost to complex to understand.

Take Alaska. The author and serious student of America, Anne Applebaum makes the point that, as she puts it, “Alaska is a myth!”

People who live in Alaska – and people who aspire to live in Alaska – imagine it is the last frontier, she says, “the place where rugged individuals go out and dig for oil and shoot caribou, and make money the way people did 100 years ago”.

But in reality, Alaska is the most heavily subsidised state in the union. There is more social spending in Alaska than anywhere else.

To make it a place where decent lives can be lived, there is a huge transfer of money to Alaska from the US federal government which means of course from taxpayers in New York and Los Angeles and other places where less rugged folk live. Alaska is an organised hypocrisy.

Oh that really is just crazy talk, it doesn’t make sense at all.

America’s two main political parties are so desperate to raise money for the nation’s constant elections – remember the House of Representatives is elected every two years – that they can do nothing that upsets wealthy people and wealthy companies.

So they cannot touch taxes.

But they have the 2nd lowest tax rate in the industrialized west,

The Tea Party movement talks of cuts in spending but when it comes to it, Americans always seem to be talking about cuts in spending that affect someone else, not them – and taxes that are levied on others too.

That can’t be true, that is just ugly,

In addition to ruling out tax increases, McConnell has also insisted that the final debt limit package make deep Medicare cuts. And unlike House Speaker John Boehner, he’s not on the hook in the Senate for raising the debt limit. If he or other Republicans aren’t happy with the menu of items Dems are willing to deal on, he and his caucus can (and have threatened to) leave Senate Dems to raise the debt limit on their own. But that would leave Boehner with the impossible task of squaring a Democrat-only debt limit bill with the demands of his conservative caucus.

Have I ever told you what parts of the cow they baloney out of, he inquired? Why assholes and lips, he replied.

School Daze School Days

College grads inform me that poor kids shouldn’t go to college,

At least, that appears to be the opinion of the editorial writers at Reason. Like most Libertarians, they’re of the opinion that if kids are poor, it’s because they chose the wrong parents. The poor kids should have just been smart enough to choose comfortably off parents like their own. Duh.

Other college kids inform me that they should,

Look, I’m on record, and I’ll say it again, that there are many people going to college who don’t belong there. This is, I’m afraid, perfectly anecdotal, but it is anecdote buttressed not only by the similar anecdata of others who teach at the university level but also by the now well-discussed phenomenon of flagging graduation rates. At the same time, I am firmly possessed of the opinion that everyone should have access to college education, if (and only if) they possess the requisite elementary skills, and the drive, necessary for graduating and deriving value from their college experience. In my experience, we have problems that stem from students lacking either and both—some students simply lack requisite skills, some lack any desire, and some lack both.

I’m a big fan of college education, I’m just not a big fan of the college educated. But I don’t look at education from a monetary point of view, how much it costs, and how much you earn. Right now a hundred thousand college degrees are costing the world half a quadrillion dollars, so I see costs that college people don’t. A half a quadrillion dollars, pretty soon we’ll be talking about real money! 🙂

There is no way to put a cost benefit on more refined thinking, on elevated understandings, on nailing or getting nailed by a coed in the dorms.

Look, the idea that education improves not only people but the society they live in is such an old idea, so firmly established that those who make the arguments against it on strictly monetary “evidence” are what inspire me to point out what a waste college can be for those whom have become educated beyond their intelligence. (see half a quadrillion dollars, CDSs, CDOs, deregulation, supply side economics, intelligent design.)One doesn’t need a college degree to pick up a Roget’s, and also too, a Hiyakawa thesaurus to find synonyms for stupid fuckers. It just makes it easier to be polite.