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Austerity will work this time.

Apparently It Was Overweighted

The new blog on the other hand is vastly underrated.


Earlier I had started to present my reasoning for supporting the President and by extension the military brass, which is basically I thought it was time to move forward and bring this thing to a conclusion, I thought the President did a good job of putting together the larger picture in policy, if not in the speech. So I support the strategic decision and have questions about some of the tactical aspects of the policy, but I’m just a blogger so what do I know?

So I haven’t put the downside, upside, argument and conclusion, just the conclusion. I think it’s in the best interests of the United States, just like I always do, and if we disagree I hope it’s for the same reason. It’s a boost for morale of the troops, and it pulls the country somewhat back together. If I can help that along, I think I should.

Slipping Beneath The Waves

Apparently the rats forgot to bail.

When the International Olympic Committee voted against Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics this morning — after the President and First Lady flew to Copenhagen to push for it in person — the Weekly Standard newsroom burst into applause.

“Cheers erupt at Weekly Standard world headquarters,” wrote editor John McCormack in a post titled “Chicago Loses! Chicago Loses!”

The line was quickly removed, but ThinkProgress caught it in time and posted a screenshot of the post.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Tomorrow I would imagine they will all be in awe, standing outside watching the sun rise.

I originally logged in to dial back on my media diatribes, after all it was a pretty wide brush I was using, and I am somewhat aware of the real life realities of having a job, and having to do as you are asked to do by superiors. Obviously my attitude is not conducive to a wide range of that sort of behavior.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to challenging more than one CEO or general foreman during the inevitable speech to the entire company explaining that there was a necessary reduction of force, due to circumstances beyond their control. I make more lists that way.

Anyway, the ninety percent of you journalists deserve an apology, which you aren’t going to get from me, but I’ll keep my eyes open for someone apologizing and pass it along. I figure five percent of you are deadwood and ought to write that novel you have in you. The other five percent are probably beyond redemption as far as journalistic integrity is concerned anyway, after all that wasn’t what got you where you are anyway, is it?

The upside to forgiving my ass is that you ought to be able to forgive just about anything anyone, especially those close to you, has done, or does in the future to offend you. But you need not thank me for pushing your level of tolerance and understanding to a higher level. Watching and listening to you is its’ own reward. I might ought to charge you for taking your thin skinned asses to a new level of alligator hide.

Of course the other ten percent of you can just kiss my ass and we’ll call it even.

Ripping Off The Blogs

How things work. Even those with keys get pinched. Hence the new sidebar.

I keep this up and it’ll start looking like the old blog, What’s next? Newspapers?


As you may have noticed there is a touch of my great grandmother’s Spanish blood in me, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find a schosh of Neapolitan blood in all of that either. I can get hot quick. (so can you eh?)

The previous post is just my way of saying finding something to ground yourself in is better than saying you is when you ain’t. Most of you would probably find it strange that I live around more Buddhists than Jews, Moslems, Hindi etc, etc, who are greatly outnumbered by the many and diverse forks of Christianity. I don’t really care what you adhere to, so long as you’re human in my opinion it will be a process towards perfection or completeness more than an obtaining to.

I’d like to promise I won’t do that again but I’m in enough trouble with God, as I understand Him, already so I won’t lay any BS on you there. There is a reason however that religion and politics aren’t discussed in barber shops, but since I don’t go to those I forget what the third one is. It may have something to do with straight razors, but again, I’m not really all that good at that either.

I’m opening up the archives, YA, and then I’m outta here as far as being consistent in posting. Truth be told I’ve got $14.50 left in my pocket and still have to clean the garage, but the wolves are at the door to the tune of $45-50 thousand and I have committed myself to a pretty decent bite, which won’t cover it, but we’ll just have to see how that all works out.

I’ve never asked for money from you for myself, but if you’d like to help out I’d appreciate it mucho much. All I’ve got is a snail mail address. Go figure. Gordon Wilson, PO Box 112 Palacios, TX 77465. If it goes over what I need I’ll send the rest on to local charities like friend of the elder citizens. I’ll respond to any letters written as well, so long as there is a return address of course. That’s it, that’s where I’m at. And You thought I was kidding about being an asshole, huh?