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Too Stupid To Be President 2.0

I see we have now been blessed with McIdiotonomics.

No Plan, No Messages.

UD: I added a link.

After initially suggesting that the opinion of professional economists does not “matter,” the McCain campaign has released “a statement signed by over 300 professional economists” who support the senator’s economic plan. But as the Politico’s Avi Zenilman points out, the 300 conservative economists who endorse McCain’s plan still reject “two big chunks” of the senator’s proposal: “the gas tax holiday and his promise to balance the budget by 2013.” The Wonk Room has more.

McCain must really believe in cash growing on trees, dude’s a one man feed lot by product producer.

The Haves and Have Not Tolds

The new base. Josh wonders why Democrats aren’t giving Sain’t John of McCain’t grief

Democrats are not hitting this preening peacock with the fact that he is as we speak breaking the campaign finance laws and specifically breaking the law on accepting public financing.

I’m sure as soon as someone does, the media will pick up on the story, as they always wait for one Very Serious Person or a Goto Politician to say something about a topic before it is even remotely close to being a story.

Oil Math For John McCain

Contrary to Mr. McCain’s assertions, “we” don’t borrow money from foreign nations to buy oil from foreign suppliers. Oil refineries buy oil from oil producers. They don’t borrow the money from the US government.

Even I know the difference between the balance of trade and the national debt.

McCain Stuck In Spin Cycle

The most coherent goal the U.S. can hope for in Afghanistan, according to the ex-CIA official, is probably the avoidance of national humiliation. “I suppose that’s the best we can do with Bush’s wars,” the former official said.

You’ll have to thwart the google and read the article.