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The Exploding AT&T Myth

Cybercrime exceeds drug trade’ myth exploded

Last year the FBI announced that revenues from cyber-crime, for the first time ever, exceeded drug trafficking as the most lucrative illegal global business, estimated at reaping more than $1 trillion annually in illicit profits.

As Richard Stiennon points out the quoted figure would make cybercrime bigger than the entire IT industry. The top 10 Fortune 50 firms turned over $2trn last year.

I’m sure this is Gospel in some Congresscritters heads already too. US business is starting to reach Oriental levels of hyperbole.

Austin, We Have A Problem

Perry rejects $555 million in federal stimulus money

Gov. Rick Perry today told the federal government that Texas doesn’t want $555 million to expand benefits for the unemployed in exchange for widening the program to include part-time workers.

9. Part-Time and Full-Time Employees

The TUCA does not distinguish between part-time and full-time employees in terms of coverage under wage reporting and claim-filing laws. Employers must report the wages of all employees, both part-time and full-time, to TWC. Likewise, there is nothing special about part-time status that prevents an individual who was last employed on a part-time basis from filing an unemployment claim. However, if an employee loses her part-time position with a company and files an unemployment claim, she will be ruled ineligible for UI benefits if she is available only for part-time employment. One of the basic eligibility criteria is that claimants must be available and actively searching for full-time employment, and another provision of the law disqualifies a claimant who refuses an offer of suitable full-time work without good cause (see the following article, “Unemployment Insurance Law – Eligibility Issues”).

It sounded good.

Even At 14400 The Dow Was Lower

People seem to forget that even when the DJIA was at it’s historical high, adjusted for inflation it was lower than the stock bubble of the late 1990’s.

Note To The Presumptive

…So I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as President, I will carefully monitor the program, review the report by the Inspectors General, and work with the Congress to take any additional steps I deem necessary to protect the lives – and the liberty – of the American people.”

The “we” duly noted, sir.


House Dems’ Fundraising Email Promises “Strong” Dem Majority — On Same Day AS FISA Cave

On the very same day that the House Dems passed the new FISA cave, Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted out a fundraising email this afternoon with this…

As Speaker, I can tell you that we need a Democrat in the White House and a strong Democratic majority in Congress to drive change forward. Our June 30th FEC deadline is vital to our success in November. All eyes will be on Democrats’ fundraising totals as a measure of our party’s unity and strength.I ask that you please help to show our commitment to across-the-board victories this November by making a contribution of $35, $50 or more…

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I changed the label

Maybe They Ought To Smoke It Instead

260 tons of hashish found stashed in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan counternarcotics officials said today that they uncovered 260 tons of hashish hidden in 6-foot-deep trenches in southern Afghanistan in what one DEA official said appears to be the world’s biggest drug bust.

Update 6:47:

Afghan police working with British special forces have uncovered a drugs stash of 237 tonnes of hashish.

Apparently they have.