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This Is Too

A scheduled post.

I know

I should blog more.

From The Tie A Pork Chop Around Their Neck Dept

So the dogs will play with them.

CORPUS CHRISTI – How would you like to register for $4 million in prizes? One church is making you that offer in exchange for attending Easter Service. It’s a big price tag and all the prizes collected came from the Coastal Bend.


More Holes To Be Drilled Off Shore Virginia

Holes will be limited to, but not exceeding, the number of holes in the heads of DC energy officials. Holes may not be stuffed with stuffed animal stuffing and wrapped tightly with duct tape as this procedure has not been tried in DC, although it ought to be.

That is I think I disagree.

The Basement Update

About half dug.

It has been observed that when one finds themselves in a hole, one must continue digging until they reach the bottom of the hole, and the hole conforms to specifications.

Cheeto dust apparently doesn’t impact digging time.

Five O’Clock In The Morning

And the day’s already a dud.


Save me some hoofing.

You Can’t See That Here

It may be more palatable if it filters out ad men mates.

The Obama administration has questioned the Rudd Government’s plan to introduce an internet filter on the grounds that it runs contrary to stated US foreign policy of using an open internet to spread economic growth and global security.

They haven’t contacted me about this yet.

Well Cut Taxes

That’ll fix anything, including the broken trim on any car.