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Of Course Mr. Frum

The problem may go deeper than the weed.

On Saturday night, Caitie Parker, a singer-songwriter from Arizona, said she had known Loughner when they were both teenagers and that he dropped out of school in 2006 after developing alcohol poisoning.

“I went to high school and college, and was in a band with him,” she said on Twitter. “I can’t even fathom this right now.”

Describing him as a “political radical” and a “loner” who was “very philosophical”, Ms Parker claimed Loughner was “oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy”, which predicts the world will end next year.

One can only hope he didn’t read me, or Mr. Frum.

I could go out on a limb and suggest that those who have been given a high public profile such as Mr. Frum do the rest of us a favor and STFU.