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Clearing The Deck

I don’t particularly care what anyone thinks about me, especially those who think communism was invented by Marx and that it feel pristine off of a Bolshevik full moon into Lenin’s head, or those who wish to talk about Torquemada without mentioning Luther and Calvin, or those who wish to wave one Constitutional amendment in everyone else’s face while waiving others they disagree with. Put those people in front of a camera and you can almost watch the power corrupt. Put an institution behind the camera and you can watch the power corrupt them both. (At this point I would imagine those in that business who can’t parse will assume I mean them.)

Every system that isn’t religious has flaws. Religious systems cannot be flawed to those who adhere to them less they conclude that it is the core values of the teaching and not the teachers that are flawed. Therein lies the danger of making economic and political systems into religions. You cannot address the flaws without being labeled a heretic, and heresy must be expunged as the gods cannot be wrong.

There are no perfect political, economic, or religious systems. They evolve to meet changing circumstances grudgingly, and continually operate with archaic world views until they collapse under the weight of their own ossification. That’s where I come in. When I am working with my tools I use a 28 oz ripping hammer because when I hit something I want the motherfer to move. Same thing here.