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Oil Leaves A Two Inch Layer On Sea Floor

Now we know where it went.

Scientists on a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico are finding a substantial layer of oily sediment stretching for dozens of miles in all directions. Their discovery suggests that a lot of oil from the Deepwater Horizon didn’t simply evaporate or dissipate into the water — it has settled to the seafloor.

The long tell,

It’s very clearly a fresh layer. Right below it she finds much more typical seafloor mud. And in that layer, she finds recently dead shrimp, worms and other invertebrates.


It’s OK If We Do It

Business ethics, and, collateral damage,

The film industry is using pirate tactics to beat the pirates – by employing “cyber hitmen” to launch attacks that take out websites hosting illegal movies.

As noted by one commenter over at Slashdot,

DDOS-ing a hosted tracker somewhere, essentially can DDOS the whole colocation company. There’ll be a bunch of small company servers there, a bunch of kids’ blogs, some community page, maybe a couple of Teamspeak and Ventrilo servers, stuff like that. It’s not even a hypothetical scenario. The Pirate Bay servers for example, as probably the most famous tracker, were hosted at such a company. And basically then everyone else there is colateral damage, even though they never did anything wrong with those servers.

Aside from it being illegal anyway, which has become a feature, not a bug, it seems.

US Fading Away According To WEF

We’re number 4!

The WEF says the US has lost ground because of what it calls a weakening of its public and private institutions, as well as what it describes as “lingering concerns about the state of its financial markets”.

I suppose the concern is over something besides corruption.

Sharron Angle’s New BFF

Probably something everyone that just posts articles online should look into,

A company has sued Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, claiming she reprinted two Las Vegas Review-Journal articles on her campaign website without permission.

Las Vegas-based Righthaven is seeking unspecified damages in its complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas.

I bet we don’t hear anything about over litigation on this topic.

By via.

Pesky Bloggers

Toys in the attic

The storm around William Hague and his adviser has enticed a new round of media sneering at political bloggers for their wicked ways. But this isn’t just lazy, for reasons I’ll explain, it ignores the real elephant in the room: how the national press collude and use the web for their vested interests.

While I take a lot of guff, I haven’t lost my independence, which is where I started in the first place. I’m not sure there is much to be said for that, other than my readers know I’m not a party tool.

In any case the blogs aren’t going away, so it is reasonable for them to adapt to the changing dynamics in different ways, none of which will be approved of by purist, that nonexistent part of the blogosphere relegated to blogistan.

But stories like this one are more damaging to the traditional media, not because the conservatives politicians are paying and colluding with pathetic bloggers, the same thing could be occurring on both sides of the aisle for all I know, it is the level of law breaking they will go to get a story of personal destruction all the while appearing to be paragons of the lost virtues of western civilization. Is anyone really surprised at the low value coverage of the BP oil spill now?

In fact no one should be surprised by any of this if they were half ways sentient during high school, and if current news is correct about the authoritarianism of some principals and teachers, then one shouldn’t be surprised if this behavior is being inculcated as the path to success. It’s not illegal until you’re caught.