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The rerun,

The administration policy of “Transfernomics” continues. Cut taxes, spend more, and send the bill to our kids:

In Congress, the GOP Embraces Its Spending Side, By Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post: GOP leaders this week sent House Republicans home for the summer with some political tips … Having skirted budget restraints and approved nearly $300 billion in new spending and tax breaks before leaving town, Republican lawmakers are now determined to claim full credit for the congressional spending. Far from shying away from their accomplishments, lawmakers are embracing the pork …

I know, let’s do it again!

The tax cuts feed your children’s wealth to this generation and widen the income-gap in the process. Transfernomics. That’s the beast that’s eating up this budget.

So how did that work for you? The date of the original? Thursday, August 04, 2005. You may want to read the future past.