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The Surge Has Ended, Long Live The Surge!

Did the Surge Work?

Using logic, if the U.S. troop surge had been the cause of the diminished violence, then why did the mayhem go up in 2005 when the United States undertook a troop surge of similar magnitude? Moreover, because little true political reconciliation has occurred in Iraq since the surge began, if the additional troops were the cause of the new tranquility, that calm should be evaporating now that U.S. forces are being reduced to pre-surge levels. Yet so far, no spike in violence is occurring. Thus, the logical conclusion is that other factors are likely to have been more important in improving conditions than the addition of more troops.

Questions! Always with the questions,

Full Iraq deployment to stay through 2005

Originally published 11:09 p.m., May 4, 2004, updated 12:00 a.m., May 5, 2004

The Pentagon announced yesterday it will maintain its expanded force of 138,000 troops in Iraq at least through 2005, based on a request from Gen. John Abizaid, commander of forces in the region.

That level was attained by extending the tours of 20,000 troops already in Iraq and who now must be relieved from a larger replacement force.

But, but..

“General Abizaid has now indicated his desire to retain the current level of forces in Iraq, roughly 135,000 to 138,000 forces, for longer than the 90 days that we recently extended about 20,000 forces to get up to that higher figure,” Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told reporters at the Pentagon.

Seems we have a memory leak in the system. Now about those mercs… Basically the public discourse on the surge is 100% per Bush league bullshit.

Both Halves Of The Surge Argument

Big Gains in Iraq?

Dr. iRack took note of two good pieces on security progress today, one in the WaPo and the other in the NYT. The Times article is an especially comprehensive and balanced overview. Riffing off that piece, we can pause and take stock of the emerging security and political landscape in Iraq.

I was going to post this yesterday, but I waited until today to see if it would be picked up by any of the MSM, (excluding Lou Dobb’s who of course is of some other MSM,) since I know that they are fair and balanced like this article.

Update: Dr. iRack’s article is the balanced one. Just to be clear.

Patriotic Capitalists

Today’s Must Read

The Army itself admits to the Times that it really had no choice but to pay KBR.

“You have to understand the circumstances at the time,” said Jeffrey P. Parsons, executive director of the Army Contracting Command. “We could not let operational support suffer because of some other things.”

I can hardly wait to hear the eruption of “traitors” and “Why do capitalists hate America” coming from the right wing.

Update: I’m watching FOX because I know that at any minute…

…They are probably going to an in depth investigative report instead.

Flats On The Freeway

You Want Change?

Obama’s supporters – a sincere and strongly antiwar lot – are going to be sorely disappointed by all this, but, don’t worry, the Lobby has a plan. Citing the WINEP report, Rosner writes:

“And here is another interesting nugget, signed by the two most senior Obama advisers: The president should begin ‘a national conversation with the American people on the challenges, risks, and dilemmas posed to U.S. interests by the potential Iranian acquisition of a nuclear weapons capability, and on ways to prevent it – to raise popular awareness of the fact that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are likely to trigger a surge of nuclear proliferation and raise the potential of terrorists gaining nuclear weapons.'”

Update: Which all makes this 2006 discovery big news today?

The computer contents — among more than 1,000 gigabytes of data seized — were recently destroyed by Swiss authorities under the supervision of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, which is investigating the now-defunct smuggling ring previously led by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan.

But U.N. officials cannot rule out the possibility that the blueprints were shared with others before their discovery, said the report’s author, David Albright, a prominent nuclear weapons expert who spent four years researching the smuggling network.

Forgetting for the moment that this is a Post staff writer, (been there, did that,) this is old news.