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Sing (Smoke On The Water) Along With Mitch

Oh dear,

The article mentions a Washington Post op-ed Daniels wrote in 1989 admitting to the incident, so I tracked it down (it’s not online unless you want to pay). What I found was a pretty extraordinary combination of whitewash and hypocrisy:


The Story Of Our Lives

It appears that our traditional media has discovered, or rediscovered, that the Ayatollahs run Iran. I’m sure they put their best investigative reporters on the trail to ascertain the fact. This wasn’t the case previously, when Ahmadinejad’s statements were the pretext for the nuke Iran crowd, and the Ayatollahs were scarcely mentioned in print or mentioned on television.

They are of course free to write, publish and broadcast whatever they wish, just as I am free to call their work garbage, which it is. This isn’t any profound statement, hell, Thomas Jefferson had the news business pegged two hundred years ago. So Jane’s observation on the Froomkin firing,

And an organization that has long felt it could change reality simply by refusing to acknowledge its existence runs true to form once again.

The WaPo isn’t any different today than those rags were then. It continues to run editorial and news functions together, and if you have placed it in a bird cage in the last decade you will have noticed that the parakeets all hang upside down on their swings since it isn’t worth shitting on.

It was their own reporting of a poll that showed Ahmadinejad ahead by a 2-1 margin, yet their editorials this morning all seem to think that the margin is outlandish in the Iranian election. So while it may be the inclination of Americans to support and encourage the Iranian dissidents, to do so based on American media reports is the height of folly, akin to supporting the war on Iraq which was also propagandized by the same media outlets that have spent the last week wasting sentient peoples time on Iran.

Truth be told, the US media doesn’t know jack shit about Iran, or anything else they report on. They just know how you and I should “feel” about these things.

*To be fair to Post and their journalists, I would have gone off on any other traditional media outlet that had pulled such a boneheaded stunt, in such a ham fisted way. Now why were papers losing circulation again? The rest stands. 8:48 PM C

The Strange Logic Of Bill Bennett

Bill Bennett was on Blitzer’s show blaming the drug users for the Mexican cartel violence, which means that the government policy that he oversaw which ran the non violent hippy dealers out of the business is also as responsible as the users of illegal drugs, for other peoples actions today in other parts of the world. This also means that those who supported the first Gulf War are also responsible for American troops being stationed in Saudi Arabia which led Osama bin Laden to attack the US, the response that over threw the Taliban and now has left Afghanistan as the largest producer of heroin.

Porked Barreled

In Twitter Fight, Rep. Blumenauer Slams Sen. McCain’s Attack On Solar Power Highway

Apparently $951,500 for the Oregon Solar Highway is a waste of money but $1 million for a birthday party for Ronald Reagan is good money well spent.