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Things Get Better, But Then They Get Worse, But Then They Get Better, But Then They Get Worse

Ain’t No Oracle Of Blogistan says; Learn to live on eighty per cent of your income, give ten percent to God and ten percent to yourself. When you have a tidy sum, invest half of the money in something you know something about, or give it to someone you trust to know something about playing the market. Then go fishing.

Different people play the market differently, and from what I can tell about the current situation all the experts agree that they themselves are correct about how things will unfold, the underlying causes of whatever swing the markets are taking at any particular moment, and the timing of those swings.

Best as I can tell the traders are just as specialized now as any other discipline, which means they have a better over all view of the markets than plumbers and electricians, and can tell you the serial numbers on on various issues of stock certificates that they specialize in. These people are all playing against one another in what, for most of us, looks like the big casino, excepting that card counting is allowed.

The small investor is basically gambling on their own judgment to pick someone who is going to go into the big casino for them while they are out fishing, and if you can’t do the calculus yourself you have to rely on the historical performance of those you do rely on. Banks do that when they loan you the money for a car too.

Some have said that there are two kinds of people, investors and consumers, which is probably accurate in the context that they frame the remark in, which is you give authority to a business to spend your money making a profit off of consumers of that business’ product. Investing in land, in my mind, is to endow that land with a value it has not yet obtained to currently.

To some extent then, I think it is a matter of how fast you want your money to be giving a return. But if you just sit on your ass and watch the markets currently making the buzz on the tubes, see the title.

I’m not suggesting you do anything, just telling you how I see things. If you gamble big you can break even, win big or loose big. It’s not like a bar fight, because the bartender always has a bat.

Wall Street Boogie Woogie- You Can Do It!

I’m almost positive the original artist didn’t have this in mind.

What Easter Egg?

I wanna be a PR man
Sell you groceries from the garbage can
I wanna be a college degree
hang out on the wall next to the TV
Yeah I wanna get real make the big deal
jump out at you like a frog on the grill.

I wanna dance that reminds you of romance
I’ll go dancing to get into your pants,
and I ain’t talking about no pocket here
I wanna hold you and call you dear.
But you know if I can’t that’ll be ok
We ain’t never gonna meet anyway.

I wanna dog that don’t bark too loud
I wanna be the stage in a crowd
I wanna wanna wanna everything
what I ain’t got is the very same thing.
Maybe write a poem with an awesome rhyme
but it seems I wake up too soon every time.

No Exit- No Encore, That Box Inside Your Head Has No Door

(This version has one of the two extra variations of verses, and if you read more here you’ll know more later.)

Light Posting

I’m working on ham whiz so I can have ham and cheese whiz cracker snacks.

I see TBogg beat me to it.

I Didn’t Miss The Bobble Heads Today

I didn’t watch them either.

MCFlop Flops

McCain, Russia, And The G-8

Matt Corley of ThinkProgress caught this bit from the end of a Reuters article. Quoting one of McCain’s advisors:

“He also dismissed McCain’s comment last October on Russia and the G-8 as “a holdover from an earlier period,” adding: “It doesn’t reflect where he is right now.””

Badumpa dumpa dumpa dum dum dum.

Sunday Morning Christians

When we speak of Israel, what comes to mind?

UD: Given the context it would be the Kingdom of God. Since, “God is a spirit and must be worshipped with spirit and truth,” it is a spiritual Israel, and has nothing to do with this age of things.

With No Summer Ice On The N Pole

What happens to the cold water current that is the engine of the oceans?

Doesn’t really matter what you think causes it, does it?


GOP aims at Obama after gun ruling

The Republican National Committee and John McCain’s campaign seized on the ruling and used it to frame Democrat Barack Obama as a radical liberal on the issue of gun rights, in the first step toward a media and advertising push in more rural battleground states that “highlights that Barack Obama is the most anti gun candidate in American presidential history,” according to RNC spokesman Danny Diaz.

“This issue is a big fat wedge in target states,” said Matt McDonald, a senior adviser to McCain, citing Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and West Virginia. “Obviously it is an issue where he is at odds with working-class voters.”

Only if the media leaves them in the dark, and only if they actually own a gun,

Contrary to the familiar chatter of the gun industry and the gun lobby, firearms ownership has declined dramatically over the past 35 years. From 1972 to 2006, the percentage of American households that reported having any guns in the home has dropped nearly 20 percentage points: from a high of 54 percent in 1977 to 34.5 percent in 2006. During the period 1980 to 2006, the percentage of Americans who reported personally owning a gun dropped more than nine percentage points: from a high of 30.7 percent in 1985 to a low during the survey period of 21.6 percent in 2006.

and actually if they don’t read Anonymous Liberals Post.

If anything, this decision may serve to move the gun control debate further into the background by providing some reassurance to the NRA crowd that their right to own a gun isn’t hanging precariously in the balance during every election. I’m sure that Republicans and the NRA will still try to convince these folks that Democrats want to take away their guns, but perhaps that particular scare tactic will lose at least some of its resonance now.

Clobbered the non germane.

Probably Won’t Work On My Lawnmower

Water Mills: Tapping the Power of Rivers, Streams, and Tidal Basins

Instream Energy Generation Technology or IEGT places turbines in rivers, manmade channels, tidal waters, or ocean currents. These turbines use the flow of water to turn them, thus generating electricity for the power grid on nearby land. In effect, IEGT is like planting windmills in the water and is environmentally friendly.

I haven’t heard this being discussed so I thought I’d throw it out there, in case you thought all I did was gripe.

I changed the last word.

You Do This, I’ll Mow The Lawn

FWIW Songs I post here don’t have any connection to current events real or imagined, unless they do, in which case they don’t have anything to do with the artists original intent, unless they do. This one has to do with guitars and such.

I’m Glad I’m A Non-orthodox Christian

Think Twice Before Joining the Buffet Line

You’ll just have to read it yourself.

“before you accuse me, take a look at yourself” almost could apply, and in many cases has and does.

I Want To Be A Rock Star

Who’s that man?: Obama asked for ID at gym

I wished I had found this before I posted “God, I Love America.”