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That Was Regrettable

Yesterday I zinged some good journalists along with some lousy ones. That’s what sweeping generalizations do, and that’s why politicians do it, and lousy television journalist dutiful report that stuff as if it was news or actually informative.

All of us are clever, few informed.

I’m rebuilding the blog rolls because I’m not going to have time or energy to digest everything I need to read, and pass along here on the blog. The day to day isn’t sustainable. I’ve got to pay bills too.

So we’ll just have to see how much blogging can be fit in between two jobs. In the end I am obligated to my wife to give her a place to live, and the funds necessary to bury or smoke my carcass when I’m done with it. Nothing eminent I hope, but long term prospects aren’t that good either.

I would be remiss if I didn’t note the professional Republicans riffing on what I did in various forums, now defunct, or blogs soon to be opened up again, as a pattern of opposition. I suppose flattery is the sincerest form of imitation.

Rep Wilson could have at least found the proper forum for calling Presidents liars, and of course the weight of history to substantiate his accusations, but he is after all a professional. There are a lot of Wilsons in the world, so I’m not sure just how closely related we are, but I’m pretty sure the best part of Rep Wilson ran down the rabbit hole with the rest of you on that one.

Why, what were you thinking?