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Don’t Tell Me In The Papers

Talk to the Palestinians in a negotiating room.

My faith informs me that G*d is no respecter of man. It also informs me that I should make no distinctions in mankind, that we are all brothers and sisters. This doesn’t mean we have to like each other and greet each other with big hugs, but it does mean I have to love you all as if you were my brothers and sisters, understanding we have had some serious family feuds.

I am not unaware of the history of the Jewish people, although I’m not an authority on it either, but from Alexandria to Auschwitz, the Jewish people have been chased from pillar to post, and I am all in favor of the establishment of a Jewish state.

You say I should stay out of Israel’s business? I say it is in the newspapers by your wishing it to be so. The Palestinians cannot generate any press coverage, but you can. Why is that? Yet you wish to conduct your internal affairs in the public media as a PR campaign.

But I have lived my entire life under the threat of nuclear war, and I’m not interested in my grandchildren having to do so too.

No concessions? Only the dead have that option.

All we are saying is give the living, and peace a chance.

Update: When I look at all that the Jewish, and Arabic people have contributed to the world’s civilization, I cannot help but wonder what might be, if both these lived in peace. What a effing waste of talent.