The Penumbra Conundrum

Pesky dKos.

Dan Kaufman looks at an environmental disaster in the making for Wisconsin… Ross Douthat calls for custom measurement of Christians…

I must know more!

Among religious conservatives, not surprisingly, the hope is that traditional forms of faith — if left to build, or re-build, without being constantly disfavored, pressured and policed — can make a kind of comeback, and fill part of the void their own decline has left.

Obviously not made of the same stuff as the original, traditional Christians who managed to flourish under Roman paganism and atheism. Yes, these are very oppressive times for American Christians, WATBs.

Let’s see, they live in the richest country on Earth, their legislators are either adherents, or profess to be adherents of their faith, and they impose their religious tenets on non-believers because they have the arbitrary power to do so. Very oppressed people, traditional religious conservatives.

Which should explain the growing penumbra, to sentient beings, just as, “do as we say, not as we do.” And no, don’t ask us what Jesus would do. That’s oppression!


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