Looking At Gaza

A must read on living conditions in Gaza which is probably not as well known as it ought to be.

For thousands of years, Gaza has been an important seaport and trade community, exporting agricultural produce to other areas of historic Palestine and serving as a way station for traders traveling along the Egypt-Syria trade route. Located in the southwest most corner of historic Palestine, Gaza is home to a wealth of natural resources including fertile agricultural land, rich fishing grounds, and large offshore natural gas reserves. Gaza also has beautiful beaches, a rich history, and a moderate climate, all of which make it a potentially attractive tourist destination. Add to this a highly educated and youthful population (60 percent under the age of 18, and over 40 percent age 14 or younger), and you might expect that Gaza’s development prospects were positive.

Like the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner, we don’t know enough yet, so too with reports of Israeli’s using gas starting to make the rounds. Previously they have, as have Americans, used white phosphorus munitions, theoretically as illumination. All of which proves nothing in this case, so caution and scepticism, as with the Ukraine situation, are the order of the day around here.

Again, it is a shame so many national leaders, including US Congressional Representatives and Senators, are willing to use emotional arguments when dealing with human lives, as though they, and therefore we ourselves, are beneath the rational exercise of our minds in these matters. This nation has long hidden behind the walls of oceans, oblivious to not only current policies in foreign affairs, but the repercussions of those policies of the past which may lead the nation into conflict now, or in the future.

Hate and admiration are vanities of the powerless, that are used by the powerful to make others believe that they are part of something greater than themselves. It is the vanity of the blind leading the blind, and only requires the individual to loose their fear of the darkness for the falsehood of light that is the pit into which our emotions lead us.

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