I use j;r5980yf(*^&%jsfoihHHIUUVbgfOIUYOFR on most sites, saving “Therapiddeclineof[passwordcomplexityasrecalldifficulty]increasessuggeststhat,farfrombeingunallowable,passwordre-useisanecessaryandsensibletoolinmanagingaportfolio,” for my bank.

Users should therefore slap the same simple passwords across free websites that don’t hold important information and save the tough and unique ones for banking websites and other repositories of high-value information.

“The rapid decline of [password complexity as recall difficulty] increases suggests that, far from being unallowable, password re-use is a necessary and sensible tool in managing a portfolio,” the trio wrote.

“Re-use appears unavoidable if [complexity] must remain above some minimum and effort below some maximum.”

YMMV with armoured passwords logging into ADs with Windows 8 on Server 2008 and 2012, where Qwerty9876 still works well.

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