Corprorate Surveillance Is Just Hacking By Another Name

It’s OK if we do it,

As the study reveals, this kind of activity is now commonplace:

Many of the world’s largest corporations and their trade associations — including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Walmart, Monsanto, Bank of America, Dow Chemical, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Chevron, Burger King, McDonald’s, Shell, BP, BAE, Sasol, Brown & Williamson and E.ON — have been linked to espionage or planned espionage against nonprofit organizations, activists and whistleblowers.

Not to mention hacking by the media of private individuals,

News Corporation Australia has used an inquiry by the nation’s Senate into a proposed Australia/South Korea free trade agreement to suggest internet service providers become copyright enforcers.

In its submission to the inquiry (number 56 in the list that starts here), News backs proposals in the treaty to criminalise ‘net piracy, and the implementation of legal “incentives” for ISPs to “cooperate with copyright owners in deterring the unauthorised storage and transmission of copyrighted materials”.

OKie Dokie then.

The British national Peter Humphrey and his wife, Yu Yingzeng, a US citizen, are charged with illegally obtaining private information on Chinese citizens, the official news agency Xinhua reported on Monday. The case is the first indictment by Chinese prosecutors against foreigners for illegal investigation, the report said.

I suppose the purpose of a college degree is to sh!t on whatever you can’t f*ck up.

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