I Know What I Know

Don’t confuse me with facts!

Many pundits on Thursday were shocked by the gall of President Obama to say that he doesn’t “do photo-ops,” a mere day after glossy, White House-sanctioned shots surfaced of him sipping beer and shooting pool with the Colorado governor.

Except he didn’t actually say that, manifold distortions notwithstanding. Here’s what Obama actually said Wednesday night when defending his decision to not visit the U.S.-Mexico border.

Which of course, if you read the article, will reenforce your assertion that he did in fact say that, by your diligent searching of the internet for opinions that agree with yours, especially people you already agree with on other matters and delusions.

Much of this could be avoided by reading Your Not So Smart, and Now You’re Not So Dumb, which of course you won’t do because it was suggested by me that you do so, and as such you think I think you are not so smart yourself, or that you are dumb, which, if you had read the two books, you would know is not the case at all.

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