The Mushroom Clouds Over America

Who needs psychedelics? Just keep them in the dark and feed them BS.

On Tuesday the US Senate will meet in a closed-door session to mark up the forthcoming Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014 (CISA) – and the proposed new rules on data sharing between big biz and government have privacy groups seriously worried.

Interestingly Terms of Service violation are included in the reporting which seems a little bit overboard, while the closed session seems a little underhanded. Hopefully they won’t come up with a new Constitution in our open and transparent government.

Speaking of Fox viewer arguing from BS with the rest of us arguing from ignorance, Larry Johnson has a decent post up, in so far as getting started down the rabbit hole goes, but I think his conclusion is rather weak, and anyone venturing into US Middle East policy will have to gather a lot more dots to see the big picture, so you may wish to keep up with that, or remain in the dark as you prefer. One thing that I think is absolutely clear is that the polarization of the American public isn’t about domestic politics and policy so much as by design and for diversion, but I recommend reading Larry’s post as primer on the Middle East.

But I will say that at this point, and with the information at hand to the public being rather inaccurate at best, propaganda at worst, the story is larger than any domestic political hit any single politician will take, including Obama. It is the larger story that dare not cross the public view, and as soon as I can jump to my own wrong conclusions I will do so here, but for now I need to TORify my research and T.A.I.L.’s my tracks. Or not. Some of us like giving the media and government the middle finger if only as a gesture.

As for the BS going on in Israel, it is standard, par for the course BS. They don’t want peace, so deal with it.

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